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It is believed that many users ' notebooks are using the WINDOWS7 operating system, although the interface luxurious beautiful, but including the author, many users always complain, in the game, the game screen can only be displayed in the middle of the screen, the two sides are black, the game can not be displayed in Full-screen mode, in fact, as long as the simple settings can solve the problem.

  Method 01: A common solution

Log in to Registry Editor, go to Hkey_local_machine/system/controlset001/control/graphicsdrivers/configuration, expand all of the following items, and double-click the right window. Scaling "Name, change the value data from 4 to 3.

Modify the Registration Form

  Method 02:ati Graphics Solution

If the notebook uses ATI graphics card, you can enter the ATI Drive Control Center, expand the "Notebook Panel Properties" Item, click the "Properties" icon, under the Panel settings, select "Adjust the image scale-the entire panel size."

Modify ATI video card properties

  Method 03:nvidia Graphics Solution

For the notebook of the Nvidia video card, after entering the Nvidia Control Panel, expand the Display item, click the Change Flat Panel zoom setting, and then select Use Nvidia Zoom, and then click OK.

Modify NVIDIA video card properties

  Method 04:intel Graphics Solution

For netbooks, if you are using a GMA950 video card, simply go to the Display Settings window of the graphics driver, and then set the aspect ratio option to full screen (no border). For the GMA X4500 graphics card notebook, into the "Graphics Properties" interface, click the "Monitor" icon, and then under the "Zoom" SELECT "Zoom Full Screen" can be.

Set aspect ratio

Monitor settings

  Summary: WIN7 Netbook recommends manual increase in resolution

Because the WINDOWS7 is compatible with the video card driver, this causes the game not to be displayed in full screen, but the above method solves the problem. It is worth mentioning that, for the netbook, because of low resolution, even if the screen is open Full-screen mode, the game screen display is not full, at this time it is recommended to manually enhance the display resolution to solve the problem.

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