[Solved] the strange problem that the HDMI display does not have sound output in Windows 10 is that Windows 10 HDMI

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[Solved] the strange problem that the HDMI display does not have sound output in Windows 10 is that Windows 10 HDMI

Today, I want to use the speaker that comes with the monitor. I suddenly find that the HDMI sound device in the sound output option is gone. I used this display for a while before.

Baidu did not find any clues. Then I went to Google to find the text:

I'm not sure where to report this, but after I upgraded a Lenovo Y50 laptop to Win 10 64 Enterprise, the HDMI audio stopped working.


All the drivers were installed, and the correct options were selected in the audio panel.

After much research I stumbled upon a post on a message board which had a suggestion that didn't make any sense, but I tried it anyway, and it resolved the issue.


The suggestion was to uninstall Hyper-V.

Once the Hyper-V feature was uninstalled from Windows, HDMI audio started working again.


It seems that for whatever reason, Hyper-V is interfering with HDMI audio out in Windows 10.

This problem did not exist in 8.1


Can you guys look into this?


It may be related to Hyper-V. I checked that I temporarily uninstalled and disabled Hyper-V for some reason. (Remember that Hyper-V was present when HDMI had an output sound)

So, activate Hyper-V again. After restarting the computer, the HDMI sound output device is back.


It seems that my situation is the opposite of the one found above. However, it is related to Hyper-V activation and disabling.


Computer Configuration: Dell XPS 15z,

Operating System: Windows 10 Professional Edition, English version

Display: LG-29UC97C


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