Some abs don't have to be torn, they're eaten.

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I am also a muscle lover, often see the perfect torn body can not extricate themselves. In the fitness circle there is a word: 70% of ABS is made in the kitchen. 70% of your abs (if any) is practiced in the kitchen.

Don't think too much, not let you go to the kitchen floor to do abs tearing. Instead, on the way to the six-pack abs, more than half of the effort and persistence comes from a healthy and strict diet.

In short, it is three points to practice, seven points to eat.

Yes, the ABS is eaten out.

Why do you say so, specifically how to eat it?

  First of all, I want to clarify a concept that everyone has abs.

Yes, head down and touch your belly, push your belly, then press with your forefinger. The hard part underneath the skin is your abs. And the outside of the muscle wrapped a soft layer of things, is fat.

This layer of fat is different for each person, some people are used to vegetarian, diet has no oil, so the belly fat layer is very thin. These people do not have to how abdominal muscle tear, abdomen of six muscles line is also clearly visible. And some people like greasy food, Sichuan barbecue fries, then the fat layer will be thicker, and even will sag, that is what we call beer belly.

Do you understand, our task is not to have ABS, because you have abs. Our goal is to practice the fat layer.

  The second concept, abdominal muscle tearing and a series of training, is unable to practice the fat layer.

Why is it? --because abdominal muscle tearing, including common sit-ups and so on, are all part of the anaerobic exercise. This type of movement is characterized by a lot of energy, which stimulates muscle contraction, but does not use the heat of the fat layer.

In other words, after 50 sit-ups (if your movements are correct), your abs will tighten and burn, but the belly fat will not be consumed and reduced in the slightest.

It is important to understand the physiological structure of the abdominal muscles. Many people think their belly is bigger, or think should lose weight, want to practice abs, so a into the gym, then hurried to find a bench or yoga mat, paved on the ground began sit-ups.

Completely wrong.

For example, if you now have a finger-thick belly, start today with a daily abs tear for an hour and stick for one months. After one months, your abs will tighten and may even touch a few abs, but because the fat on your belly will not decrease, you will be covered with a thick layer of fat even if you have a few abs. Judging from the look, your belly is not going to change any more.

  Third, how to reduce the fat layer?

Very simple, aerobic exercise. The body's fat is used to store energy, and it can be mobilized only in one case: aerobic exercise.

Within the set heart rate range, 45 minutes of aerobic exercise consumes more calories than the strength training of the same time, and the training of stopping strength requires a rest between each group, which consumes much less heat.

Judging whether your aerobic exercise is effective is simple, three criteria:

1. Whether to maintain heartbeat at 120-140 per minute

2. Whether or not to persist for more than 45 minutes

3. Whether to sweat after the exercise is complete

This three-standard exercise is used to burn the fat layer and thus reduce the thickness of abdominal fat. And when the fat layer is thin to a certain extent, your abs is torn together to see the effect.

  What is the meaning of abdominal tearing?

Common aerobic exercise, such as running, swimming, biking, jumping, and all kinds of ball games, sounds much more interesting than the exercise of dumbbells and the anaerobic movement of abdominal muscles. If you get rid of the fat, you can see the stick's little abs.

Strength training, such as devices, does not increase the heart rate for long periods of time, but it increases muscle mass, which increases the metabolic rate and allows people to consume more calories while resting. In other words, people who are more muscular than you are, in their sleep, consume more calories than you, and are thinner than you. Was he hurt?

This is why aerobic exercise combined with strength exercises is the best way to lose weight.

But as I just said, all the muscle-stimulating workouts, such as breast enlargement (pectoralis major), sit-ups (abdominal muscles), squats (leg stimulation), etc., aim to make the muscle fibers firmer, even torn, and then grow and become thicker.

Everyone on the internet to see a variety of abs tear is very good, can help to create a mermaid line, Chuan Word line, a variety of lines. But these workouts are only valid on one premise: your belly is free of fat.

If the abdomen has a layer of two fingers thick fat, sorry, the old nose strength tear for several months will be useless.

  Five, what does this have to do with eating?

How does fat come about? Of course it was eaten. Some people's belly, that is long-term feed lard butter sweet potato chips cola pizza and so on a variety of high-calorie food, the body can not consume, hoarding up.

You can pay attention to some fitness stars of the blog, their daily diet, there is absolutely no fried food and a variety of sweets.

The really strict fitness people, most of their food is fresh vegetables and fruit salad, plus grilled chicken breast or deep sea fish. Even stir-fry are very rare. Because they know that every day to eat a little sweets or snacks, less than one months, the belly of the six lines will be blurred, if you occasionally eat fried cooking food, two months, the abdominal muscles may still be, but fat will accumulate, cover the hard-earned abs.

Yes, it may take six months to a year to reduce fat, to see the efforts of everyone. But long fat is really fast, two days a day to listen to Coke, one months enough.

  Six, what should I eat?

As a fitness enthusiast, I have often been consulted for training courses and have also been prescribed recipes for my friends. But this does vary from person to person, and there is no universal fitness recipe in the world. It depends on the size of the trainer, the proportion of fat and the rest of life.

But there's a general rule: don't take in the calories you don't need.

It's plain to eat before you know how much calories you have in your hand, and then figure out how much base calories you need each day. If the intake of all foods is significantly higher than your consumption per day (this is simple addition and subtraction, which is greater than the amount), excess calories can only be piled on your belly and chin.

For example, if your basal metabolic rate is 1600 kcal a day, by eight o'clock in the evening, after you have eaten three meals and ingested 1500 calories, then you still have 100 calories in the balance today.

If you want to be thin, don't eat these 100 calories. If you are hungry, then you can eat 100 kcal (such as a small piece of toast, or two boiled eggs), the body will not affect. If you want to be fat, eat a 500 kcal (maybe a hamburger, or two packs of fries, or a piece of chocolate, or three slices of white bread). More than 400 kcal, will be very consciously to you paste the autumn fat.

So remember, the mermaid line and the vest line are very simple, three-point practice, seven-point diet, but need to work hard and ordinary people do not have the willpower. Be willing to change your friends, suggest starting from three times a week, at least 45 minutes of aerobic exercise at a time.

  Fitness is not an amateur activity, more than a physical exercise, but a life attitude and lifestyle. Even if the body is unable to control the person, how can we talk about controlling their own life?

Some abs don't have to be torn, they're eaten.

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