Some analysis on the factors restricting the ranking of key words

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"Content for the king, link for the emperor" almost every webmaster is so that, of course, this is also the current mainstream. Then directly affect our site keyword ranking factors are, today ARENW webmaster for everyone to collect some network resources to organize a bit, and we learn together!

 The first is the internal chain problem:

1: Within the page is related to the page links; This we go to seriously look at Baidu know the page on OK, to the customer's experience is placed there.

2: Do not go back to the chain, too many back to the chain will give people feel superfluous, and customer experience is not good, you let your customers around the circle he likes you feel, so avoid too many back chain.

3: Do not in the page layout of non-relevance links, this is not conducive to user experience, will increase the page jump rate, bounce rate is too high to reduce the weight of the site, the same spider to the rights will be reduced, this is not good for your page keywords ranking.

4: Do the same keyword link to the directory page; This is also very serious, the article in the key words appear many times can only link the first, repeated links belong to the excessive optimization of cheating, the same will give you the right to deal with, this point to avoid.

 Second, let's talk about the chain.

The stability and quality of the chain is also a direct impact on the site keyword rankings, of course, also related to the weight of the site.

1: The stability of the chain, most of our links are through the forum to do, account protection and maintenance is not enough, sent a large number of links or is a garbage link by the administrator to delete the loss of links, and the use of irregular means such as the top of the machine irrigation phenomenon is an account, directly affected by your previous posts outside the chain.

2: Blog outside the chain. Many of our webmaster are in a group of free blog, early in order to accumulate outside the chain adhere to update our blog every day, the content is also relatively good, the weight slowly good. Our keywords are also gradually ranked, but this time a lot of webmaster overlooked a problem, when your site traffic is high, free blog does not update or update the quality of the poor, leading to the administrator to stare at your blog may be dangerous, directly sealed your blog, This high quality link causes your keyword rankings to fall directly.

3: Link or make purchase link. Both are the same whether to change or buy, quality first, link farms do not touch, buy links to pay attention to stability, do not add too many links to lead to cheating phenomenon occurred. Links should also pay attention to the other side of the site is a normal collection and snapshots.

The above is a novice webmaster in the growth process to learn some things, summed up a share of hope useful to some people, my station PBA cosmetics still continue to grow in everyone together! Please specify the address, thank you!!

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