Some aspects that need to be noticed in doing well backup of XP system

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We all know that although Microsoft has been on the Windows XP system to stop service updates for a while, but this does not prevent many users still love this classic operating system, because the XP system has built a lot of media and peripherals support functions, so large size, installation time has become very long, If you want to reload the system, then you need to prepare for backup.

Although the XP system has built-in restore functionality, but the need to restore the XP system graphics interface, not only occupy a lot of space, frequent disk reading and writing will also affect the system speed. So we need to use Ghost to back up the system, when the system crash need to reload, you can use ghost Backup to emergency remediation, but the backup of the early preparation of the matter is very important, the following small series on the Rain Forest Wind XP pure version of the system as an example, to share with you the next ghost Backup XP system several points of attention!

Using Ghost to back up XP system considerations

The following considerations are:

First, turn off hibernation and System Restore

The Hibernate and System Restore features of XP systems, like paging files, take up a lot of space. The hibernate feature does not specify a storage partition, you can turn it off, and then turn on the features after the backup is complete;

Second, defragment disk and scan disk

To scan the disk before backing up the XP system with Ghost, make sure that there are no cross links and file fragments on the partition. Because after the shutdown forced reboot, resulting in disk errors can be detected at startup, XP system will be consulted before each partition scan to ask you if you want to scan the disk, which seriously affected the start of the XP speed. So use ghost Backup XP system before you need to scan to remove errors on the partition, to avoid backing up a bad XP system;

Third, transfer or delete the paging file

The paging file (Note: This file default setting is 1.5 times times your physical memory, takes up too much disk space) to transfer to other partitions, or to delete the paging file Pagefile.sys in DOS;

Delete the temporarily unwanted fonts, temporary documents, etc.

A large number of font files installed in the XP directory are not required to run XP, and can be removed and then reload after the backup is complete. It is also recommended to delete ie temporary files, empty the Recycle Bin files.

The above is to use Ghost Backup XP system need to notice some things, for users who often do system reload, before reloading the system needs to be backed up, this article can remind the user in the backup need to pay attention to what content, hope to be helpful to everyone

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