Some basic operation and basic use tools of 20150828_ Zhang Yan PS

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1. Come to Lang wo fast one months, with my previous study way is so different, so the unique learning atmosphere, came here, know a lot of classmates know a lot of small partners, the school is big, and there are foreigners, my life is very withdrawn, no friends of the day, Oneself slowly grow up to understand some things; remember the first day of class, I see those seniors learn elder sister class seriously, is so focused and intentions, I think if I can like them, and serious lectures and so on.

2. Just now is not too late, as long as the class with the teacher's rhythm is OK, there is not distracted and so on, the teacher talked about where to keep pace and so on;

Now I have only one goal, is nothing to think about, concentrate on the study, (play friends and the like for me is a kind of game), every day teachers talk about the review, talk about the new content to seriously go to see, do not know how to ask classmates or ask the teacher there is a point is to learn English and the like, So use practical action to prove what you say.

3. In the Class of teacher Tang (you) I occasionally wander or deserted, and some things I have not learned before, for example, the teacher you call us to do that GIF animation before I did not learn, but after I do the wrong several times, to do out of the animation, Because I always put that background is not removed so the effect is not very good, and so on, let me for you I learned some of the shortcut keys and tools, etc...

    • What are the tools used:
    • 1. The commonly used Marquee tool, its shortcut key is "Shift+alt" key, the Marquee tool attribute has the addition, the subtraction, after fills the color can use the marquee tool to stroke and so on;
    • 2. The shortcut key for the gradient tool is the "G" oil bucket tool The default foreground color is white, and the background color is white.

1. The shortcut key of the eyedropper tool is "I", the Lasso tool shortcut key is "L", the characteristic of the magnetic lasso tool is: it can be taken up according to the side of the stroke, can also be traced. Polygon Lasso Tool also known as the normal lasso tool left no selection, auto-turn and press DELETE key, the full take disappears ESC, polygon constrained line direction, is 45, 90, 180 press the SHIFT key will be constrained.

2. Magic Wand Tool shortcut key is "W", easy to choose the same color, with tolerance, the larger the area, can only be between 0-255;

3. The shortcut key of the patch tool is "J" Press and hold "ALT" key to click Sampling, fix the defect, and can make the repaired result natural into the image; The shortcut key for the Clone stamp tool is "S" press the ALT key to click the sample, where the function is "to copy a picture to the same picture or to another image";

4. The shortcut key "P" of the pen tool is called the anchor point on the creation of a selection path, so that you can create a smooth picture, a 45-90 restricted direction can use the shortcut key is "Shift";

5. The shortcut key of slicing tool is "C" cut the picture with Dot line also can use ruler to make;

6. The shortcut key of the Brush tool is "B" for brush painting and pencil tool;

7. Fuzzy tools can blur images and so on;

8. Sharpen the tool to clear the image of the operation, the Smudge tool can take it to the position;

9. The Dodge tool is called the brightening tool, the Dodge tool, the sponge tool;

10. The shortcut key of the type tool is "T" can be the last tool in the property bar, but any image may not be used in the text, in the layer's rasterized text cannot be changed;

11. The shortcut key of the Shape tool is "V" can automatically add pictures and custom images, etc.;

12. The shortcut key of hand tool is "Z", enlarge shortcut key ctrl++, narrow shortcut key ctrl+-, actual size: ctrl+1;

Operation of shortcut keys:

CTRL + N New, Ctrl+o open, Ctrl + Z Cancel, alt+ctrl+z step back, CTRL + C copy, Shift+f5 Fill, Ctrl + A All, ctrl+h remove the ruler line,

Ctrl+p print, ctrl+w off, Shift+ctrl+z forward, cut ctrl+x, Ctrl + V paste, ctrl+t free transform, deselect ctrl+d, shift+ctrl+alt+ right-click,

Some basic operation and basic use tools of 20150828_ Zhang Yan PS

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