Some Cisco switch commands learn

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Basic configuration and management of switches
• Technical Principles
• The switch is managed in two basic ways: in-band management and out-of-band management.
• The console port management switch through the switch is out-of-band management, which does not occupy the network port of the switch, and the first configuration switch must be configured with the console port.
• In-band management via remote telnet, dialing, etc.
• The switch's command-line operations mainly include:
• User Mode:switch>
• Privileged mode: switch#
• Global configuration mode: Switch (config) #
• Port mode: Switch (config-if) #

Understanding Switch Command lines

• Access to privileged mode (en);

• Enter global configuration mode (Conf t);

• Enter the switch port view (int f0/1);

• Return to the upper-level mode (exit);

• Return directly to the privileged mode (end);

• Help commands (such as? , CO?, copy?)

• command shorthand (e.g. conf t);

• Command Auto-completion (TAB);

• Shortcut keys (CTRL + C, CTRL + Z);

· Reload Restart.

• Modify the switch name (hostname X);

• Configure switch port parameters (speed, duplex);

• View the switch version information (show version);

• View the currently active configuration information (show run).

Telnet remote login configuration for the switch

• Technical Principles

• Configure the management IP address of the switch (the IP address of the computer is in the same network segment as the switch management IP address);

• Configure user name and login password for telnet user:

• There are many passwords in the switch and router, and setting these passwords can effectively improve the security of the device.

switch (config) #enable password set the password into the privileged mode;

switch (config-line) #password 123456

switch (config) #login

switch (config) #line vty 0 4

· Switch (config-line) #password 123456

· Switch (config) #login

Switch Partition VLAN configuration

• Technical Principles

· VLAN refers to the division of logic in a physical network segment, divided into a number of virtual local area network. The most important feature of VLANs is that they are not constrained by physical locations and can be divided flexibly. The hosts within the VLAN can communicate with each other directly, and mutual access between hosts in different VLANs must be forwarded through the routing device. Broadcast packets can only be broadcast within this VLAN and cannot be transferred to other VLANs.

· The Port VLAN is one way to implement VLANs, and it uses the port of the switch to partition the VLAN, and a port can belong to only one VLAN.

· The Tag VLAN is another type of switch-based port that is primarily used to allow direct access between hosts within the same VLAN of the switch, while isolating hosts for different VLANs. The Tag VLAN complies with the standards of the IEEE 802.1Q protocol. When using a port configured with the tag VLAN for data transfer, it is necessary to add 4 bytes of 802.1Q tag information to the data frame to indicate which VLAN the data frame belongs to, so that the end switch can receive the data frame for accurate filtering.

Some Cisco switch commands learn

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