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Phpexcel is a fairly powerful MS Office Excel document Generation Class library, and Phpexcel is a good choice when it comes to outputting more complex format data. However, the use of the method is relatively cumbersome. List to remember.

Copy Code code as follows:

Set include path for the Phpexcel class library
Set_include_path ('. ') Path_separator.
' D:\Zeal\PHP_LIBS '. Path_separator.
Get_include_path ());

* The following is an example of a different option for a row beginning with////, depending on the actual need
* Open the comment for the corresponding row.
* If the EXCEL5 is used, the output should be GBK encoded.
Require_once ' phpexcel.php ';

Require_once ' phpexcel/writer/excel5.php '; For other low version xls
Require_once ' phpexcel/writer/excel2007.php '; For excel-2007 format

Create a Process object instance
$objExcel = new Phpexcel ();

Create a file format to write to an object instance, uncomment
$objWriter = new Phpexcel_writer_excel5 ($objExcel); For other version formats
$objWriter = new phpexcel_writer_excel2007 ($objExcel); Used in 2007 format
$objWriter->setoffice2003compatibility (TRUE);

Set document basic Properties
$objProps = $objExcel->getproperties ();
$objProps->setcreator ("Zeal Li");
$objProps->setlastmodifiedby ("Zeal Li");
$objProps->settitle ("Office XLS Test Document");
$objProps->setsubject ("Office XLS Test Document, Demo");
$objProps->setdescription ("Test document, generated by Phpexcel.");
$objProps->setkeywords ("Office Excel Phpexcel");
$objProps->setcategory ("Test");

Sets the current sheet index for subsequent content operations.
It is generally only necessary to display calls when multiple sheet are used.
By default, Phpexcel will automatically create the first sheet set sheetindex=0
$objExcel->setactivesheetindex (0);

$objActSheet = $objExcel->getactivesheet ();

Sets the name of the current active sheet
$objActSheet->settitle (' Test sheet ');

Set cell contents
Automatically determine cell content types based on incoming content by phpexcel
$objActSheet->setcellvalue (' A1 ', ' string content '); String contents
$objActSheet->setcellvalue (' A2 ', 26); Numerical
$objActSheet->setcellvalue (' A3 ', true); Boolean value
$objActSheet->setcellvalue (' A4 ', ' =sum (A2:A2) '); Formula

Explicitly specifying a content type
$objActSheet->setcellvalueexplicit (' A5 ', ' 847475847857487584 ',

Merging cells
$objActSheet->mergecells (' b1:c22 ');

Detach cells
$objActSheet->unmergecells (' b1:c22 ');

Set cell styles

Set width
$objActSheet->getcolumndimension (' B ')->setautosize (true);
$objActSheet->getcolumndimension (' A ')->setwidth (30);

$objStyleA 5 = $objActSheet->getstyle (' A5 ');

Sets the number format for the contents of a cell.
If you use Phpexcel_writer_excel5 to generate content,
Notice here that the const variable in the Phpexcel_style_numberformat class defines the
In various custom formatting ways, other types can be used normally, but when the Setformatcode
For Format_number, the actual effect was not set to "0". Need
Modify the GETXF ($style) method in the Phpexcel_writer_excel5_format class source code,
In the IF ($this->_biff_version = = 0x0500) {(Near line No. 363), add a
Line code:
if ($ifmt = = ' 0 ') $ifmt = 1;
Set format to Phpexcel_style_numberformat::format_number, avoid certain large numbers
is shown using scientific notation, and the following Setautosize method allows the contents of each line
Are all displayed as the original content.
$objStyleA 5
->getnumberformat ()
->setformatcode (Phpexcel_style_numberformat::format_number);

Set font
$objFontA 5 = $objStyleA 5->getfont ();
$objFontA 5->setname (' Courier New ');
$objFontA 5->setsize (10);
$objFontA 5->setbold (TRUE);
$objFontA 5->setunderline (Phpexcel_style_font::underline_single);
$objFontA 5->getcolor ()->setargb (' FF999999 ');

To set alignment
$objAlignA 5 = $objStyleA 5->getalignment ();
$objAlignA 5->sethorizontal (phpexcel_style_alignment::horizontal_right);
$objAlignA 5->setvertical (Phpexcel_style_alignment::vertical_center);

Set border
$objBorderA 5 = $objStyleA 5->getborders ();
$objBorderA 5->gettop ()->setborderstyle (Phpexcel_style_border::border_thin);
$objBorderA 5->gettop ()->getcolor ()->setargb (' FFFF0000 '); Color
$objBorderA 5->getbottom ()->setborderstyle (Phpexcel_style_border::border_thin);
$objBorderA 5->getleft ()->setborderstyle (Phpexcel_style_border::border_thin);
$objBorderA 5->getright ()->setborderstyle (Phpexcel_style_border::border_thin);

Set Fill Color
$objFillA 5 = $objStyleA 5->getfill ();
$objFillA 5->setfilltype (phpexcel_style_fill::fill_solid);
$objFillA 5->getstartcolor ()->setargb (' ffeeeeee ');

Copies the style information from the specified cell.
$objActSheet->duplicatestyle ($objStyleA 5, ' b1:c22 ');

Add a picture
$objDrawing = new phpexcel_worksheet_drawing ();
$objDrawing->setname (' zealimg ');
$objDrawing->setdescription (' Image inserted by Zeal ');
$objDrawing->setpath ('./ ');
$objDrawing->setheight (36);
$objDrawing->setcoordinates (' C23 ');
$objDrawing->setoffsetx (10);
$objDrawing->setrotation (15);
$objDrawing->getshadow ()->setvisible (true);
$objDrawing->getshadow ()->setdirection (36);
$objDrawing->setworksheet ($objActSheet);

Add a new worksheet
$objExcel->createsheet ();
$objExcel->getsheet (1)->settitle (' Test 2 ');

Protect cells
$objExcel->getsheet (1)->getprotection ()->setsheet (true);
$objExcel->getsheet (1)->protectcells (' A1:c22 ', ' phpexcel ');

Output content
$outputFileName = "Output.xls";
to a file
$objWriter->save ($outputFileName);
to the browser
Header ("Content-type:application/force-download");
Header ("Content-type:application/octet-stream");
Header ("Content-type:application/download");
Header (' Content-disposition:inline;filename= '. $outputFileName. ' ");
Header ("Content-transfer-encoding:binary");
Header ("Expires:mon, June June 1997 05:00:00 GMT");
Header ("last-modified:"). Gmdate ("D, D M Y h:i:s"). "GMT");
Header ("Cache-control:must-revalidate, Post-check=0, pre-check=0");
Header ("Pragma:no-cache");
$objWriter->save (' php://output ');


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