Some conclusions about "Pair programming"

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  • Pair programming can improveCodeQuality.
  • Paired programming can make the team more focused.
  • Surprisingly, many developers who strongly resist Pair programming have never tried it at all, and once tried it, they will quickly like it.
  • Pair programming is exhausting and cannot be done all day long.
  • It is good to change the pair.
  • Pair programming can enhance knowledge dissemination between teams. The speed is almost unimaginable.
  • Some people are not used to Pair programming. Do not ignore a good developer because he is not used to Pair programming.
  • Code review can be used as an alternative to Pair programming.
  • The "Navigator" (guy without a keyboard) should have a machine on its own. It is not used for development, but to make some exploration attempts when necessary, to view documents when the driver (the guy who uses the keyboard) is in trouble, and so on.
  • Do not force peer programming. Encourage them and provide appropriate tools for them to try at their own pace.

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