Some cool switching effects based on Viewpager

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1, Viewpager can be used to achieve similar banner functions, I have used in the "Time Supermarket" project. But how to achieve some of the cool effect of switching on this basis? Today carefully read the relevant blog of the Great God, finally learned how to customize the transition effect.

See blog post: Use Viewpager to create different ad carousel transitions

2, for Viewpager switch has a very famous library called Jazzviewpager (click to visit GitHub), have time to study.

3, in the "Android Ultra-high imitation QQ near the people search show " article, found Sparsearray this Android class, and read the "Android Application performance optimization using Sparsearray alternative HashMap" article, This paper refers to Sparsearray with sparse array, to achieve hashmap function, compared to HashMap to save storage space, but the efficiency of the lookup is lower than HashMap, because Sparsearray with a binary lookup, its search efficiency is O (N/2), The search efficiency of HashMap is O (1).

Some cool switching effects based on Viewpager

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