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Sorry... it seems that I don't have the resources to say anything, but if I say anything from the perspective of accelerating the commercialization
Cooperation with other cutting-edge organizations seems to involve a lot of work, and the profitable quality of the parties is not necessarily poor.

According to the MS, there seems to be not much progress for the members of the simplified team.
If we believe that cooperation and regionalization are the only way out for our Organization

In the future, this product will show that the famous party has an interest in the marketing team and the famous party will be added to the marketing team.
In the future, I also hope that this website will be developed into another big online site that will not be empty-minded ..
Therefore, it is a bit difficult to establish so many pitfalls for developers ..

This is a small suggestion .. this is because many cooperation traps have been developed recently by Mei Nai Meng's simplified team, and the speed of regionalization is also very fast.
The sentiment of each Marketing Group is different, and it is not necessarily the case of others. So let's see if this proposal can help the Marketing Group.

Here, I would like to thank all the members of the graphic team for pushing out their love for Gal games, offering them holidays, playing games, or working in advance.
Although your name may pass away in time, the products you have created will be written into the response of each person.
Thank you again ~ Too many! Thank you ~

I also want to give my opinion

First, pitniang has her own forum, which is unlikely to cooperate freely.

View by yourself

As for the big Chinese website, there is no need for it. Some time ago, all of the supplements I sent had readme.txt.
Writing about three Dama is the biggest Chinese forum in China ....
In fact, what does it mean? In addition to provoke game x rooster...

I don't think we should know who has dug a few traps a day, and we have to do it as hard as we can,

We can see that many small forums have dug 1-2 pitfalls.


The problem is that they are very bad. At least I admire them.


Look at God on my machine as the blue moonlight. When the snow melted
Even including recently I think the good FH ( over the years)
Can you tell me it's the big Chinese site?

Maybe you don't know who the blue moonlight is.

The pale blue moonlight is a work that has surpassed the general industrial games and has become a masterpiece like Shakespeare...

I personally think that the Chinese language should first examine the quality of the script ..

No matter whether the script is good or not
If we exclude this premise, I don't think it will be interesting ..

Just like MPEG4 in the past
Try converting any source.
I remember when I went to middle school, my computer teacher asked me why the video on MPEG4 was poor?

In fact, it is very simple, MPEG4 lossy compression, the video picture is actually poor, you must be worse when you transfer out.

This is the problem of water and source.
Only good scripts can produce good works.

The same is true for the Chinese language. Although we respect the original script as much as possible, the Chinese language itself is lossy. If we talk about nothing, we don't know how much the loss ratio can be achieved.


I want my mom to do this. At least it is really good. This is a good start.

I cannot be excited about the speed ..


Look at the latest Vortex Club.
The webmaster said it was finished in four months...

I go to primary school
That translation makes my pear very big ....

There are two major causes for this problem: 280 Chinese food intake was reduced, and there were two major causes for this problem. the publisher collects and stores the data.
Even three times as much as 280 yen, the rationality of eating and the high quality clustering popularity of original ice cream.

-- I can't speak out about this translation...
It is said that three people can have an ice cream meal as long as 280 yen or three people can have an ice cream meal with 280 yen.
When does it become yen... Can I use yen .... 200 and 100 seem to be coins...

At that time, I became a rooster object again, and said that it was my machine translation. It was also my bad luck to break down the translation into humans at that time...



I saw someone afraid of translation. Now I am more afraid of translation by some gods .. It's better for me to do it myself...

I don't think it's interesting to criticize the pitfalls.


Now is also an impetuous age. In fact, the pitfall on my hand is estimated to be the same as that on the pitfall .... Let's say that it's better for others to criticize themselves first ....
It is better to use my teacher in one sentence:

Dig up every pitfall. Many people come to crack the issue and make sure to cut JJ into any bad pitfall. In the end, it is not the same bad pitfall ....

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