Some errors that occur after PHP upgrade to 5.3+, such as Ereg (); Ereg_replace (); function error, eregereg_replace_php tutorial

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Some errors that occur after PHP upgrade to 5.3+, such as Ereg (); Ereg_replace (); function Error, Eregereg_replace

Running in a php5.3 environment often occurs

Deprecated:function Ereg () is Deprecated in ... and Deprecated:function ereg_replace () is a deprecated in ... These types of error alerts.
The reason for this is that the php5.3 version does not support the Ereg () function, but instead uses the Preg_match () function; the ereg_replace () function is not supported, and the Preg_replace () function is used.
Workaround: Modify the unsupported function to a supported function.
For example
if (eregi (' ^ (' value '), $value)
if (Preg_match ('/value/', $value)
Again for example:
$string = ereg_replace (' value ', ' ', Trim ($string));
$string = Preg_replace (' {value} ', ', trim ($string));
Fix deprecated:assigning The return value of new by reference was deprecated in error

Because we now PHP is 5.3 reason, in the php5.3 can be used directly with "=", and before because the local test is 5.3 below the PHP environment with the "=&" symbol.

The "=&" symbol is not allowed to be used in the program after version 5.3. If your site appears deprecated:assigning the return value of the new by reference was deprecated in error, do not worry, first locate the wrong file, find out if it is used in the program "=& ", found using the" =& "symbol, remove the ' & ' symbol after the program runs normally.

Problem: Deprecated:function set_magic_quotes_runtime () is Deprecated in
The reason for this hint is that this attribute (Set_magic_quotes_runtime ()) has been turned off after PHP5.3.
This feature has been completely removed from the PHP6.
You can comment or delete the line that went wrong, or add the @ sign before set_magic_quotes_runtime () true techarticle Some errors that occur after PHP upgrade to 5.3+, such as Ereg (), ereg_replace (), function error, eregereg_replace running in php5.3 environment, often deprecated:function ereg () Is de ...

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