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See a lot of people with PS imitation glass, metal effect is not the law, on the change of light and shade can not grasp, so paste a few 3D pictures to give you a reference, we suggest to try to use PS tools to imitate the picture to do, the structure is not complex, should be able to make a general, will be inspired. Know PS master do metal, glass and other objects why so lifelike, they are from where to learn it? A very important reason is to carefully observe the real world of this kind of material characteristics, take photos and other data to analyze, and then use 2D software imitation. Master is such a diligent and cultivate out, and not diligent find a tutorial learned, hehe.
I say a few words, personal opinion, only for reference. The first is this glass, not very complicated, only need the high light of the bar and light refraction and reflection of the image, with the overall gradient, the edge of the processing (directly displayed at the edge of the "hard" texture, which is not noticed by many people, so the crystal, glass objects are always feeling buoyant without the volume of feeling. Translucent objects generally pay attention to the edge of the treatment, to decisively do "hard" some. Because a translucent object, the surface is the largest part of the lens transparency, and the normal and lens angle of the larger parts, the more opaque, the more reflective degree. ), the shape of the cup will have a strong sense of texture. Note that the high light, rectangular high light is more expressive than the circular high light point, its essence is the light source on the surface of the reflection of the image, such as placed in the interior of the glass, the surface of the strip of high light is actually as a light source of the bright window reflected on the cup image. Of course, we do not need to look for a window, and do not need to put the glass bar high light to make the appearance of the window, only need to do a general shape, the observer's heart will have a strong hint, this is to rely on everyone's heart slowly realize the beauty, not much to say.

This picture is not very complex also very representative meaning, the person who is interested must use PS of various tools to copy several times seriously, can realize to do the law of the glass. Copying the image does not seem unimportant, it is important to experience its characteristics in the process of copying. The reason why I put 3D pictures instead of real photos is because there are more details on the real photos, more complex, 3D works relatively simple, the main features are clearly expressed, easier to analyze and understand.

Do not ask "there is no tutorial" and so on, oh, this is a partial theoretical analysis, as long as you can grasp its essence, you can also write tutorials, observation, analysis and summary is the most important.

Always wait for the course of the person can never become a master ah, but, if you do not bother to copy the words, I have time to do a copy of the process of recording out well, slowly and so on ... Oh.

The following are not glass, but the smooth surface has a similar law.

This teapot, is also very simple, with PS tools can be completely imitated, the law is: delicate gradient and reflection image of the production of porcelain, glass and other smooth surface of the main points.

Another illustration of the important role of reflection image. Look at this battery, also very simple, why is it more realistic than 2D software? Carefully observed, the only in the 2D production is not added is the smooth surface of the surrounding environment reflection. The top of the battery has a vague reflective effect, the side surface has a faint layer of reflection on the floor, this is the secret of the thorough strengthening of the truth, in essence, it is implied that the surface of the smooth and let the audience psychological acceptance, can be used to cheat well.

And a Coke can dine. Compared to the one in the photo studio story, where is the truth? Bold strips of high light use (in fact, in the 3D software is also used in the production of a false method-a few rectangular Bai Panlai to act as a virtual environment, reflected on the cola jar surface, which greatly strengthens the texture, clear specular and reflective images are key to success.

Does it add a lot of trouble? I was too long to accept, why the environment is so important? Not to be considered? It's impossible to think about it, but in the end you have to accept it--in a space without the environment, this kind of material can't reflect its texture. 2D imitation of the biggest difficulty is this, this is my study of 3D software to fully understand.

Understand these later, should also be able to more in-depth understanding of those excellent tutorials, know the tutorial in this step and then step, tune to the purpose of the transfer is not just to follow the silly to do, and finally only know it but do not know why.

The last example, analysis of a tutorial: Take the front of the texture of a good chain tutorial to analyze why to use curve and other methods to tune it? The essence of the adjustment curve is to increase the detail complexity of the surface, because of the surface features, the increase of the light and dark changes is very close to the reality of the real metal chain reflection on the environment, but also close to the kind of long curved face reflection image of the elongated twist effect. Some of the metal surface is not near specular reflection, but there are some matte features, reflective image also with fuzzy effect, the tutorial that chain is close to this texture. And, quite simply, why is the light on the chain at the top rather than the bottom? Why draw the eye when the eyelids eyelashes generally draw deeper and lower eyelid to draw more shallow? This is actually a simulation of the usual real world, because there are always bright big lights in the real world--the Sun, the sky. The light part of the object is therefore also often in the upper, and the eye and so on the object is always because the light source at the top of the eyelids due to the thickness of the shadow, the relative Compi thick surface is illuminated and appears "shallow". Then again, when making cars, the top and the big side of the car window is the simulation of the sky, because we see the car is generally in the open-air outdoor environment, there will always be the sky reflected in the smooth metal paint surface of the car, ... For the world because a lot of things are too much, accustomed to not strange, but can not cause us in-depth observation, but in the depths of consciousness, a variety of common phenomena form a set and the basis for judgment, when we use software works can imitate close impression of the formation of the natural impression, it reached a goal of deception, Close to the people's heart to the sense of reality of the set feeling, in line with the unconscious of the subconscious judgment, the work of the real sense is from this.

It seems that you are not very clear, to experience it. There is also an interesting thing, why PS has a gradient style set is the upper part of the blue lower part of yellow, a classic style, remember earlier versions of PS have this style. Do the metal word or something, often people use this, but know why so color? I just learn PS soon see a foreigner's book has an explanation "imitate blue sky and loess, make the reflection effect", hehe.

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