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The Learning in Java private school is almost completed. I suddenly want to summarize my learning experience.

I think we should try to use as few tools as possible in the early stage of JAVA, such as eclipse and JBuild,

At the beginning, we had a WordPad and JDK. I think in the initial stage, we mainly wanted to lay a solid foundation. Otherwise, sometimes many tools are generated for you,

It was also designed to cultivate a good programming habit. At first, I had to do more work. After all, I could not walk and run quickly.

To learn JAVA, you must first learn the basic components of JAVA.

1. Data Type: JAVA is a strong type language, and various types are not automatically converted. It must be defined before use.

2. Method: The method is equivalent to defining a "macro" and a "function". The Definition Format of the method is "specifier modifier Return Value Method Name (parameter) {method body }. "

When learning a method, pay attention to the three things: "specifier", "modifier", and "return value.

3. Class: The most frequently heard word in JAVA is also the most troublesome thing.

4. Variable constants: JAVA constant names are generally expressed in uppercase letters and are generally defined as static to save memory. (We often have a default rule for names in JAVA programs, class Name: the first letter of all words is capitalized,

The method name starts with the second word. The first letter is in upper case and the variable name is in lower case. As a result, we are very familiar with the program. It is a good habit to develop from an early age ). When learning variables, pay attention to two special things: "this" and "super ".

At the same time, we need to learn what is "coverage" and "heavy load ".

5. Control Flow: the control statements of all programming languages are nothing more than if else for while do switch.

6. Interfaces: an abstract object that can be inherited from multiple interfaces solves the problem that a class can only be inherited from a single one.

7. Thread: A thread is a complicated thing. For example, a horse racing program has seven horses and seven threads,

It seems that the computer is running at the same time. In fact, the computer allocates different time periods for seven threads to run. The Program for beginners may not be used yet.

So far, we have some knowledge about the basic concepts of JAVA, and we will start to study JAVA classes.

The core APIs of JAVA (that is, the classes that SUN has written for us) include the following. (There are many other extension classes)

Java. lang java. io java. util java. awt java. applet java. SQL java. text

Each class has many methods. Each object has different types and can be used differently. We 'd better have a class library in our hands,

You can refer to it at any time. If your English is good, you can go to SUN's website or use JBUILDER's help documentation.

No one can remember such a variety of usage at once, and not all classes are useful to our programs,

Of course, we choose the class we need for learning.

Generally, programs cannot escape string operations, file operations, and database operations,

Therefore, we must look at the java. lang java. io java. SQL classes.

As this is just an introduction to JAVA beginners, you may not be able to write a hello world after reading this article,

However, if I could save some time in a thick JAVA book, I 'd like to make a contribution.

I hope you can quickly find something suitable for your use in JAVA (Because JAVA is too powerful ).


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