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With the emergence of micro-blog, its timeliness, convenience and many other advantages immediately attracted countless people's eyes, including government departments have to comply with the needs of the times, have registered their own official microblog. But is blogging, the predecessor of Weibo, really out of date? Of course not! believe that the network marketing people should be very clear, micro-blog due to update too fast, simply can not and the long-term stability of the blog compared. So, blog promotion has to continue.

Although blog promotion skills such as articles, may not only see more, seems to write rotten, but I still want to share a few of their own experience, I hope to give you some help.

1, the Choice of blog

Speaking of which, many people may think that it must be the choice of mainstream blog, for example, NetEase, Tencent, Sina, Sohu, Tianya blog, etc., in fact, is not so, the current Internet blog up to hundreds of kinds, of which more active also have at least dozens of kinds, so in the choice of mainstream blog at the same time, do not forget to choose other blogs, For example, enterprises, and news, CICC blog, and through a period of operation, you will find these blogs and rankings are very good, and some of the mainstream blog is not included, such as NetEase, Sohu included very little, or even not accept.

2, the maintenance of the blog

To maintain good blog, must do a lot, I think it is very important to have two aspects:

[1], the regular update: through my nearly dozens of blog experience found that, when the blog continues, a regular update, included very good, and once the long-term does not update, or update completely irregular time, included soon stopped, at this time to restore the collection, it will take a lot of effort and timing, I think there must be some empathy for that.

[2], small raise: This should be a lot of people know and use the method, but please pay attention to the large also do not too single, that is, do not put all the trumpet together, only a large size, so once the large is sealed, then you are miserable. I suggest that there are included in the premise, blog small raise the proportion of 3:1-5:1 better.

3, the content of the blog

[1], article. This is a very important part of the blog content. First of all, the article to be able to all original is the best, followed by the emphasis on the diversity of anchor text (anchor text strategy for the station is unique, diversity outside the station), the article content illustrated (improve user experience).

[2], friend chain. Includes the target website link and the Friendship Blog link. For the former, it is sure to want users to enter the blog after the link to visit the site through links. In addition, many blogs can be customized modules, so we suggest that you will link (Web site, business, etc.) and blog announcements (phone, promotional activities, and so on) module on the left side of the blog, or to separate left and right sides, so as possible to bring the flow and transformation.

[3], data information. Information includes the name of the blog, phone, details, photo albums, and so on. The details of the data and Baidu on the importance of the blog is directly proportional, because the purpose of Baidu is to give users a better experience and convenience, so of course, it believes that the more perfect information, the more real and reliable blog.

4, blog not included

Blog is not included is one of the most painful problems, I through practice, found that there are 4 ways to effectively capture the problem: [1], the appropriate increase in friendship blog, and this kind of friendship blog must be the home page has been included in Baidu, Of course, if you can continue to the blog posts through the anchor text link to their own blog is better; [2], the appropriate increase album content and video content (some can add video), attract spiders; [3], in the classified information with the blog address not included; [4], as far as possible to improve the blog information.

Among these methods, I think the most effective is the first two. Of course, after this work, you still have to be very patient to wait, because the blog often encountered ' before the one, But suddenly a day a lot of ' phenomenon, so for not to be included in the blog, especially the home is not included in the blog, but also to pay more attention to the previous published articles whether the beginning is included.

5. Blog User Experience

As we all know, the purpose of blog promotion, on the one hand, is to promote their own brand or products, on the other hand, the construction of stable external chain resources. The ultimate goal of these goals is, of course, to bring about transformation, if who says that his blog is purely to help people, whether you believe it or not, I do not believe.

So, since it is to realize transformation, of course, first of all is to give users a very good experience, I think this experience should include beauty, credibility, usefulness. For example, a blog about the medical profession, if the content of the blog can bring a high degree of credibility, the patient is likely to call directly to the hospital counseling, appointment.

6, the blog is sealed number

The general blog is rarely sealed, unless the violation is more serious, but also pay attention to some details to avoid the capsized in the gutter. For example, one of my Sina blog originally included, ranking is good, but there have been the tragedy of the number of letters. The reason is that I will also use this account to Do Sina podcast (video promotion), the result may be due to video content suspected of advertising or infringement, resulting in the podcast account is blocked, and then implicated blog account also was sealed, really want to cry without tears.

Bitter experience, and later found Sohu, NetEase, Tencent and many other media accounts can be general, so if you have a blog has done very well, must be careful not to map a convenient, with this account to do anything else, otherwise, if the occurrence of my similar tragedies, it should not be.

These are my blog to promote the experience, of course, we certainly have a lot of other more valuable experience, I hope we can communicate a lot. I would like to say: Although the above experience may be a lot of people know, but how do you really work hard every detail to do and how many? So the key is executive power.

Now the weight of Baidu more and more attention to the number and quality of the chain, and blog is the best to provide high-quality outside the chain of one of the channels, I hope that the above experience to help you. If reprint please bring my link:, extremely grateful! (A5 starting)

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