Some experiences of installing LINUX on IBM dual Hard Disk

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Some experiences of IBM dual hard drive LINUX-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. New here, I installed XP twice and LINUX six times today. I learned how to install Ubuntu.
My computer is IBM T40, with a hard drive bracket and dual hard drive. Install XP first, and then install LINUX from the hard disk.
At the beginning, I tried two methods:
Method 1: install XP on the primary disk and ubnutu on the second hard disk. GURB is mounted on the MBR of the first hard disk.
When the boot starts, the second hard disk is inserted into the computer, and the boot is normal. When the system is started, the second hard disk is unplugged and replaced with the optical drive. GRUB has an error. The system cannot be guided, and XP cannot enter.
That is to say, after formatting the linux of the second hard disk, XP will also be finished. You can only boot with an optical drive to go to GRUB boot. Too many constraints.

Method 2: install XP on the primary disk and ubnutu on the second hard disk. GURB is mounted on the mbr of the second hard disk. This does not work at all. Even if the BIOS is enabled from the second hard disk. GRUB error, LINUX cannot get in (in short, I am, don't know others haha ).

The following describes how to improve the second method. The advantage is that two systems, regardless of the problem, do not affect the other system.

Note the following,
The solution is:
After installing LINUX in the second method,
Mnue. lst used in hard disk installation now plays a role. Do not delete the mnue.lst,grub.exe and grldr files copied in the root directory. Do not change the BOOT. INI file of WINDOWS. You can still select GRUBFORDOS when it is started. Select the first option to boot the installed LINUX, and the selected option will automatically enter the installed LINUX.

Mune. lst should be as follows:

Color black/cyan yellow/cyan
Timeout 30
Default 0
Fallback 1

Title find and boot Linux with menu. lst already installed
Fallback 5
Find -- set-root/sbin/init
Savedefault -- wait = 2
Configfile/boot/grub/menu. lst

Title Install Ubuntu7.10
Kernel (hd0, 0)/vmlinuz
Initrd (hd0, 0)/initrd.gz

Title Back To (Windwos OS)
Rootnoverify (hd0, 0)
Chainloader + 1

Title commandline
Savedefault -- wait = 2

Title Reboot
Savedefault -- wait = 2


PS: In fact, before the above mune. lst was changed, the original items were all there. I only read a lot of posts on the Internet and kept the last three items. The first option was deleted. As a result, I had a lot of detours. But thanks to the original poster.
I want to help others.
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