Some experiences on using Baidu to increase website traffic

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I. Baidu's indexing
many of my friends wanted Baidu to include their websites, but Baidu did not. Some friends posted a post to ask this question. Baidu has certain standards for websites to be indexed. We all know that, so we should first check whether our website meets the standards of Baidu. If there is any violation, modify it as soon as possible, this prevents Baidu from blacklisting your website.
2. Baidu rankings
Baidu rankings are a good place for you to view the content searched by netizens in real time. So if you want Baidu to be interested in your website, you must pay more attention here. The keyword "Top 50 is the fastest rising speed" in the Baidu rankings is very useful, but it seems that there are some latencies, so the news-type search keywords can be ignored, unless the search volume is very large.
there are some effective keywords, such as holidays. During the Spring Festival this year, I made a 5970 click on one of my website's "Spring Festival Gala acronyms Collection" by using Baidu fengban and Baidu tieba, another article, "New Year's greetings Collection", also has 2708 clicks. This relies on Baidu's search rankings.
it is helpful for your website to look at the baidu search rankings and find the Search rules of netizens.
3. Baidu Post Bar
Baidu Post Bar has now become a place where advertisements are spread. The software for posting advertisements is everywhere. I mentioned above that I used the post bar to add CLICKS For the Article . I feel that Baidu will give priority to its own content, it seems that you often see the top five posts and questions that Baidu Knows when searching. First, you need to find a few pieces of Baidu Post Bar advertising software, take a look at some of the Post Bar names defined in the software, and list these posts outside your target. Then, you can find some posts with a few or average page views to post your ads, but the content must not be too "advertisement". It is not advisable to send only one connection. You can also find some posts that show the title of the post in the lower part of the advertisement on the right side of Baidu to post your advertisement.
in this way, you may not need to publish too many advertisements to bring a large amount of traffic to you.
4. Baidu Knows
Baidu knows and Sina loves to ask what these places actually bring traffic to everyone. Here Baidu knows it as an example. You can raise a high score question, for example, asking everyone to go to your website to find your name or a keyword or something. The first one is how many points you give him. This can bring a lot of traffic to the website. This is an activity that attracts people to your website with high scores. In addition, you can actively answer others' questions and actively reference the content of your website. Oh, you understand!

In fact, Baidu still has many usage, technical and creative features. The key to how to use it is you. Pay more attention to multiple discoveries and try it out.

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