Some features about Java

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One, simple

Why is that simple? Because those who have learned C + + or C, the first time you come to learn Java, you will feel Java is very familiar, because there are many languages in Java and C or C + + have many of the same, but C + + some easy

Confusing things that are discarded in Java, instead, Java uses a clearer, easier-to-understand approach to implementing those operations in C + +, for example, the notion that there are no pointers in Java.

Second, object-oriented

Object-based programming is more consistent with people's thinking patterns, making it easier for people to solve complex problems. Java is the object-oriented programming language, the basic idea is to use objects, classes, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation and so on. which

The basic characteristics of object-oriented are encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, overloading, rewriting.

Third, platform-Independent

When it comes to platform-agnostic, Java is a cross-platform programming language, which is a great advantage for other programming languages because Java can do it on top of the computer's operating system

Provides a Java runtime environment (Java Runtime Environment, JRE). The runtime consists of a Java virtual machine, a class library, and some core files, which means that, as long as the platform provides the Java runtime environment, the Java

Write software can run on it.

Four, multi-threaded

From the literal sense, this is a multi-line program, which means that Java can execute multiple instructions at the same time, greatly reducing the efficiency and time of the program, compared to C + + has no built-in multithreading mechanism.

V. Dynamic

The basic components of a Java program are classes, some classes are written by themselves, some classes are introduced from the class library, and classes are dynamically loaded at runtime, which allows Java to dynamically maintain programs in a distributed environment and

Class Library.

Some features about Java

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