Some features of ADO. netv2.0

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1. Multiple Active result sets (Mars: Multiple Active results sets) allow a connection to support multiple concurrent commands and multiple open result sets. You can use a query to open a result set. When the previous one is still open and accessed, you can still execute various commands on the same connection.

Ii. asynchronous operations for querying and opening database connections. The new version of ADO. NET provides beginexecutereader, beginexecutenonquery, endexecutereader, endexecutenonquery. and other functions for us to query and open database connections asynchronously.

3. built-in support for data row paging. The newly added executepagereader method in the Command class provides more effective data access, and the data will be displayed on a single page rather than a separate list.

4. added change notifications for SQL Serve, which will allow writingCodeDecache data and result sets. However, the automatic response to any changes will invalidate the original data in the database. Combined with asynchronous operations, this is a great feature.

V. SQL Server XQuery (2005) now supports user-defined types (udfs), allowing you to be like. netProgramSet to build your own data types and put them into the database server and client, so that you can retrieve information in a more natural and effective way.

6. A group of classes called objectspaces allows data to be processed directly as objects rather than values.

XML is now the primary class in ADO. net. Anything you use dataset can be replaced by XML documents in the future.

1. Integrate a series of data sources and XML data, and release a programming model that follows the same rules to read and modify data in ADO. net.

2. Added built-in support for XQuery and XML views. This provides a technology for Distributed Processing between multiple data sources, although the current release is based on SQL Server and XML documents.

Iii. Better support for SQL Server Yukon in XML data storage, relationship integration, and XML Data Management Technologies

4. The xpathdocument class has a major change. The content can now be edited, with built-in change components to automatically track changes, inserts, and deletes activities.

5. A new xpathchangenavigator class will be introduced. This class allows you to retrieve changes in an xpathdocument by encoding. In addition, a new class of xpatheditor is used to execute changes.

6. The introduction of XML view provides the ing between XML Data Type Definitions and related data type definitions, which enables the relevant data stored in SQL Server to be browsed and processed in XML format.

7. A new xmladapter class is used to map the dataadapter class of ADO. net. It connects an XML document to a database through an XML view and is automatically generated using SQL statements to make the data read and change consistent with that of a database.

8. XQuery will be supported through a new xqueryprocessor class. The xqueryprocessor class is used together with xpathnavigator to query and return information from XML documents using the W3C XQuery language.

9. The latest version of SQL Server Yukon adds some features integrated with system. xml 2.0. This includes the new first-class data types provided for XML, which enables SQL Server to be used as the storage for XML documents. This allows columns in a table to be marked as XML data types. XQuery queries can be executed based on XML and related architectures and provide corresponding type information.

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