Some object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD) Methodologies

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Pattern (analysis pattern, Architecture Pattern and design pattern) is a topic that we discuss extensively. It is researched to improve software reuse (CodeReuse and design reuse. Model development andOoLanguage development,OOADDevelopment of methodology andUMLDevelopment is closely related.

In 20 Century 60 ~ 70 Age, the initial development period of object-oriented language, Alan Kay ( Smalltalk (Inventor) proposed Object-Oriented Programming , OOAD The theory has not yet been formally put forward. Until 1982 Year Grady booch Posted OOAD A milestone paper in the development history 《 Object-oriented design . In 20 Century 80 Age, OOAD Pioneers have proposed OOAD idea , More famous are: Kent Beck , Peter Coad , Don firesmith , Ivar jacbson (a UML founder) , Steve Mellor , Bertrand Meyer , Jim Rumbaugh (a UML founder) , Rebecca wirfs-Brock .

over the past 20 years, object-Oriented Analysis and Design ( OOAD ) methodology is proposed. These methodologies differ in several aspects. They process the domain space ( domain space ) is different from creating an analysis and design model; the types of models they create to capture the output of the analysis design process are also different. Among these technologies, the most famous ones are:

1. shlaer and Mellor (1988) method.

2. Coad and Yourdon (1990) method.

3. wirfs-Brock , Wilkerson method.

4.Jacobson's objectidMethod.

5.Booch (1, 1994)Method.

6. Rumbaugh (1992) method.

7. hierarchical object-oriented design (hood) method.

8. real-time object-oriented modeling language method.

9.Analytic sis(1998) Method.


A Design Methodology (Design MethodologyIn general, there are three aspects:

1,Technology aspects(Technical ). Including concepts, symbols, and models. The visual model expresses the idea (mode) of the designer to solve the problem ).

2,Process aspects(Process ). Includes tasks and steps.

3. organizational aspects (organization ). How enterprises organize to make the methodology effective.

these theories have been developed since now 10 over the years, during their development, UML it is a mainstream modeling language, the model has gradually become a hot research topic. However, most books on design patterns mostly describe and record the design patterns, but seldom talk about how to systematically apply these reusable designs when developing new applications.

How to Use Models scientifically to improve the level of software reuse? How can we scientifically combine multiple models? How to Use the mode systematically? A new methodology has been proposed to solve these problems.Poad--Pattern-Oriented Analysis and Design(Pattern-Oriented Analysis and Design), I believe someone has studied this. In the next article, I will also learnPoadSome of your learning notes will be posted.


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