Some global variables for SQL Server database

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Select App_name () as W--the current session of the application

SELECT @ @IDENTITY--Returns the last inserted identity value Select USER_NAME ()--Returns the user database user name

SELECT @ @CONNECTIONS-Returns the number of connections or attempts to connect since the last SQL startup. Select GETDATE ()--Current time SELECT @ @CPU_BUSY/100--Returns the CPU's working time, in milliseconds, since the last time SQL was started

Use tempdb SELECT @ @DBTS   as w --Returns the value of the current timestamp data type for the current database. This timestamp value is guaranteed to be unique in the database. SELECT @ @IDENTITY as W--Returns the last inserted identity value SELECT @ @IDLE   as w --Returns the time that SQL has been idle since the last startup, in milliseconds select @ @IO_BUSY as W &nb Sp --Returns the time that SQL has been used to perform input and output operations since the last startup, in milliseconds SELECT @ @LANGID as w  --Returns the local language identifier (ID) of the language currently in use. SELECT @ @LANGUAGE as w  --returns the currently used language name SELECT @ @LOCK_TIMEOUT as w -the current lock timeout setting for the current session in milliseconds. SELECT @ @MAX_CONNECTIONS   as w -Returns the maximum number of simultaneous user connections allowed on SQL. The number returned does not have to be the value of the currently configured EXEC sp_configure --Displays the global configuration settings for the current server SELECT @ @MAX_PRECISION as W-returns the precision level used for the decimal and numeric data types, i.e. the service The precision currently set in the service. The default maximum precision is 38. SELECT @ @OPTIONS   as w -returns information about the current SET option. SELECT @ @PACK_RECEIVED As w -returns the number of input packets read from the network since SQL started. SELECT @ @PACK_SENT As w -Returns the number of output packets that have been written to the network since the last boot. SELECT @ @PACKET_ERRORS as w --Returns the number of network packet errors that occurred on the SQL connection since SQL startup. SELECT @ @SERVERNAME as W--Returns the name of the running SQL Server. SELECT @ @SERVICENAME   as W--Returns the registry key name under which SQL is running SELECT @ @TIMETICKS   as W--Returns SQL Server momentmicroseconds SELECT @ @TOTAL_ERRORS as w -Returns the number of disk read/write errors encountered by the SQL Server since it was started. SELECT @ @TOTAL_READ   as w -returns the number of times the SQL Server has read the disk since it started. SELECT @ @TOTAL_WRITE As w -returns the number of times the SQL Server has written to disk since startup. SELECT @ @TRANCOUNT   as w -Returns the number of active transactions for the current connection. SELECT @ @VERSION As w -Returns the date, version, and processor type of the SQL Server installation.

Some global variables for SQL Server database

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