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If you have contacted SEO, you know that SEO are some of the day-to-day, regular work. So want to become a good SEO practitioners, you need to cultivate a number of good habits. In the field of SEO, good habits can cultivate a person's rigorous thinking, but also open horizons.

What's a good habit? Let me share the following points.

Good habits one: Website optimization process and customer communication.

As an SEO, in the early analysis of keywords, as well as the post-keyword tracking process, do not be behind closed doors. Keep a good habit of communicating with your customers. Many SEO practitioners do not like customers to participate in their own optimization process, there may be the following three kinds of situation. One is afraid of customers feel that they are not professional, two are worried about their professional knowledge outflow, three are worried about the customer's thinking will be disturbed by their own thinking.

Because we just do SEO, we are not specific to do a product, so we understand the product, as well as the product market feel no customer clear. So the promotion of customer participation in the optimization process is to ensure that the optimization process is more smooth and professional.

Good habits two: website optimization process to always grasp the direction.

The direction of doing something is very important. So we in the process of optimization to develop the time to pay attention to grasp the direction of their good habits, in the site optimization process Many people will blindly pursue the urgent, big, wide, eager to make the site bigger, eager to send out the chain, the column wide and overflowing and so on.

We all know that optimization is a process, and since it is a process it takes time and work to accumulate. We should believe that every day a calm hair article, hair outside the chain. Will succeed one day.

Good habits three: Website optimization process we should be good at thinking.

We all know that Baidu algorithm will be a little time to update or adjust. Then we must develop good habits of thinking. This does not mean excessive obsession with algorithms. But we go to analyze the principle of the algorithm, know that the high-voltage line and the degree of optimization can be. Search engine principle tells us, as long as we regular reasonable, has the regular optimization website, that we can certainly obtain the good effect, does not need to deliberate to try to ponder the search engine's disposition.

Good habits four: Website optimization process we should be good at innovation.

Innovation is productivity, in the SEO industry, innovation is the key to win.

Have done seo a period of time, many people's thinking will be fixed down, began to adhere to the day-to-day SEO. Think SEO is how many articles a day, hair how many outside the chain, not to explore new ways.

SEO is an industry, not a job. We should consider how to increase the traffic of the website from several angles. Here for example to do some offline activities, marketing activities and so on. As long as we can achieve increased traffic, attract users, we should strive to try.

Good habits Five: the site optimization process more attention to the process.

We all know that the ranking of the site is very important, then we are not directly to see the results on the line? The answer is No. We should develop a good habit of paying attention to the process.

There are many such examples, the customer gives a very high reward, and then let you in a very short period of time to do the first page of its keywords. So if you want to take this one, you can only use a special method. Here's the special method Everybody knows, is the method of cheating.

As a result, we all know that the key word is on the home page, but soon fell down, and then the site was K.

Recommended SEO practitioners to start from the foundation, the process is indeed more important than the results.

The above is five points about SEO practitioners of good habits to share, according to observation, a successful person will have some very good habits. So what I want to share is helpful to everyone's work. I am now in accordance with this habit of standardizing myself.

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