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Let's talk about the software I keep (1). First, let's see if there is no uninstall... in the order of program...

1. ACDSee

In fact ..... it seems that I have never used it in the past few years .... windows comes .... so I have a little doubt about the necessity of its existence, although I have been using it for a while...

2. WinRAR

Leave it alone, pass...

3. LeapFTP

I have been using it. I don't need CuteFTP, wow Haha. Because LeapFTP is small. I like small ones. However, I would like to remind you that you should also pay attention to it. Don't forget to back up its configuration, site, and so on before the disk.

4. Partition magic

There have been many problems (you have never encountered any problems with it? Well, isn't it because you don't use much? If you haven't used it for 100 times, tell me ...), it should have been removed long ago. now I don't want to change the partition. The new OS is installed in VMware, and backup is performed before the major operation. I absolutely don't believe this.

5. qq

This problem... pass

I can't help but say: The program is really not flattering. Over. Now there are more and more smart users. cainiao can also notice that the resources occupied by QQ exceed what it should occupy.

6. Acrobat

To tell the truth... that is, the function of converting Doc and PPT to PDF is used... basically no acrobat edited.

7. Other programs in Photoshop and Creative Suite

Starting from 3.0, Photoshop ................. although it is not used too much, it is still needed from time to time. @ # % [email protected] $ % so it cannot be split... imageready... I only use it to adjust the file size and quality. Other functions are not required. illustrator is installed every time. over. never use golive

8. HTML Help Workshop

Er... temporary East suit, forgot to split Haha. A little thing, but it is very convenient when needed, hoho

9. Net Framework

In fact, it is not installed when vs is installed.

-__________-Installed in Vegas -__________-


10. vs 2003


I hate this thing, but it's big and ugly. At that time, I was writing and later I used it to write some C # programs, but I hate it. Haha, it's too big. I don't like big things.


11. mathtype 5


OK. It must be installed after the office is installed ....


12. flashget


A non-Rogue downloading software... I used it from an early age. I was impressed by netvampire, NetAnts, and jetcar (the predecessor of fleshget)



Cool Edit Pro


Use it from time to time .... well, this computer has already split Sony's suite, so the audio relies on cool edit. We didn't find that audition has many advantages, so we can use cool edit. not big.





Ah ............... I always wanted to use it well. at that time, I made a MIDI fashion. I like the cubase interface and installed it together. I have never been willing to split it...


15. Serv-U


Although it is toy, it is used .........



TC works native bundle VST is the same as waves: (try again later. I prefer VST audio sources and do not like dxi Haha .)


17. Macromedia:


Dreamweaver, Flash, and fireworks are both installed ......... firework. It is very convenient to draw a small image, Hoho. the key is that the PNG format is very favorable .... I still like fireworks to help people make small webpages .................... flash, no way. Sometimes someone asks me for help ......... I plan to develop towards flash + J2EE ....... dreamweaver is like a variety of reference ..... ah, maybe I am too lazy. in addition, there is a standard check, I still care about the Standard


18. Dev-C ++


Annoying !!! Debugging is not good... but it seems that it has a bunch of mingw32 tools, so I spared it... generally, I don't need its IDE to debug it directly with GDB, hum.


To be continued...


Talk about the software I keep (2) 23: 0919. Jinshan zhuyun


No, haha.


20. happyeo


If you are depressed, use it to play the piano ...... W $ % @ $ # % @ $ ###$ % Another bt is used .... high audios ..... although the Windows System "beep" is a B, it sounds inconvenient. Haha


21. jasc Series


Virtual painter, Paintshop, and animation shop... in fact, I like KPT and Other plug-ins. Let's talk about it later.


22. Sony

Vegas, DVD architect ect. this machine has deleted Sound Forge and acid... not much. I like this series very much. I have processed a lot of DV with Vegas, which is very useful. However, Vegas 6.0d requires. NET Framework SP1.

23. funphotor


Haha, funny software. For example, you can make your head into a portrait of 100 US dollars... ps, but this is ** special **.

24. Xunlei

We look forward to the emergence of the "in-ear monitoring" software! As we all know, we can't hide our ears ..............

25. Nokia PC Suite

Don't talk about it. Regularly back up text messages .........

But I want to scold the message module, the data structure of the person who writes the program must fail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the next exercise class, I must take this software as a negative teaching material.

26. Discreet 3 DMAX

A very respectable company... although I really like Maya ..........

27. ext2fs anywhere


No more. Use VMware to handle all Linux affairs.

28. Java source code Decompilation


Later, I will write a Java

29. Nokia Developer Tools. Later on, I will write special programs for j2s and mobile phones.

30. Project 64

N64 simulator !!!!!!!!!!!! Super Mario 64, yeah!

31. gsview

There's nothing to say about this. It must be installed .........

32. snagit

Required for PPT! Hahahaha, this is really necessary software.


I think I will try it again when I use it. Haha. Otherwise it will be too expensive. This is usually concentrated when I use it.

34. VNC

No more

35. vc6

Hey, I love antiques. but it's really intolerable that its STL is implemented ........ it cannot be described as just a Tuo X ..... there are also a number of non-conforming places (otherwise, if (0); else, And Pragma disable 4756 ). endure ........

36. happyshow

Hey, everybody knows

37. ctex set

Use it from time to time, so you cannot split it ........

38. geniesoft overtune 4

In fact, I don't really advocate this... but because Ove has a lot of spectrum, and this software is very small, so... haha, okay.

39. jcreator pro

The only reason is that I still like Eclipse, especially together + eclipse.

40. lizardtech djvu Browser

No way. You have to read ........

41. Ear Master Pro 5

5555555555, why is my ears so bad .........:(

Exercise more when you are free... You can also consolidate music...

42. j soft lyricⅱ


43. superstar

It has been useless for several years ........

44. softimage xsi

4, 0 cannot be installed, and an object is left ....................... :( but I like its style very much, although a little strange ....

45. Sniffer Pro

Well, I don't want to use it at ordinary times. forget it ......

46. winiso

Small software, sometimes used for ISO...

47. Skype

In fact, I never use it ........

48. opencv

This is... I forgot to split it. I don't like to do vision...

49. cn99qdns

Haha, keep it.

50. securecrt 5.0

I can't forget the days when I used it for remote GDB ...........

51. Python 2.4

Ha, keep it. the applet depends on it.

52. Wing ide 2.0

Consider splitting it and replacing it with the python plug-in of Eclipse.

53. Tortoise CVS

Good stuff Haha better than wincvs

54. powerchm

I forgot what I installed it when I did it...

55. winpim

Although it is good, but... I am too lazy to use it. I split it...

56. mmaqando

Okok ....

57. c ++ Builder

I can't bear it... I just installed it to change a bcb6 program written by someone else...

No, haha.



SSH Secure Shell, Putty
Two SSH clients, which can upload files

Kmplayer, storm video
Media Player

Capture the outputdebugstring message, which is convenient for debugging programs.

Kingsoft kingdom

Music player

Play phone
Mobile phone serial communication software that can send and receive text messages and transmit files

The encryption software virtualizes the encrypted file into a partition, which is very powerful.

Flashfxp, flashget
FTP/HTTP Download Software

Send and receive emails

Online TV, P2P watching movies and entertainment programs

Myie/Maxthon Firefox
Web browsing

Google's image transmission and browsing Software

Support (0) Objection (0) | cutepig #2 floor [] Reply to reference hypersnap
Software that can intercept a picture of a movie game

Adobe Acrobat professional, Foxit PDF reader, PDF password remover 3.0
PDF file browsing and cracking encryption PDF file tools

024 H lucky reminder
Small alarm software, you can set multiple times

Crystal MP3 Splitter
MP3 file splitting Tool

Daemon tools
Very useful virtual Optical Drive

Opencv, GSL, DirectX SDK
Software installed on visual subjects

GTK +, GTK #, QT, mono for Windows
Cross-platform GUI Library

Office2003, mathtype 5, smart draw
Write thesis, formula, icon

Mobimb mobile media browser
Mobile file browsing

Powerquest partitionmagic 8.0
Partition magician

I have used the most powerful restoration software, but unfortunately cannot support XP (no registration code found), and then does not support Linux

Second copy 7
Folder sync Software

Some files may not be deleted, so this little stuff will be useful.

Superstar browser and ttodd Browser
Needless to say, college students know

Card and Internet Security Assistant, autoruns
View system startup information, repair IE, and clear the system

Okcard, Basler camera drive
PMAC controller driver (pewin) supports (0) Objection (0) 12:08:00 | cutepig #3 floor [] 9125322007/10/1 reply reference gvim
Vim in windows, which can be used to learn how to use Vim

Sdemo (S-recorder)
Screenvideo Recorder

A self-written calculator does not need to enable MATLAB for some simple operations.

Proxythorn17 (floral proxy) proxyexport45
Good agent client software, no need to enable ieset proxy

Odbydyk v1.10 (ollydbg), SoftICE, w32dasm
Well-known debugging software and disassembly tools

BT download software

Convert the audio file to MP3 or WAV (it seems that only these two functions are available, too weak)

Imtoo 3GP video Converter
Convert 3GP files to multimedia files in other formats

. Net-based image processing software

An IP address access restriction tool written by students of higher education institutions to prevent access to some paid websites

Simple open-source MATLAB

Editplus, pspad1_b2134
Edit text files and highlight various program codes

Display hard disk Information

View the network port opened by the System

Fliggy biography
Tools for transferring files in LAN

Halcon, hexsight
Powerful commercial machine vision software

J2sdk1.4.2 _ 09, netbeans, eclipse3.1.2 (what is the difference between j2sdk and JDK ?)
Java Development SDK and IDE
J2sdk includes Java Development Kit (JDK), Java Runtime Environment (JRE), and Java Plug-in. Sun's Java software development kit was JDK and is now called j2sdk.

OpenGL Code Simulation

Perl interpreter in Windows

Serial Port Monitor (eltima software)
View Serial Communication Software

DOS tool for backup and restoration of system partitions

A tool of vc6.0 for viewing Input and Output Functions of EXE and DLL

Simple, powerful agent software that supports socks, HTTP ,...

Radmin, Remote Desktop
Good tools for Remote Management System

FTP Server

Proxy hat, Socks proxy client, enables the software that does not support proxy to use proxy to access the Internet

Usbview, bushound5.0 perfect Edition
View System USB device information and monitor USB communication

Winxp ddk, Windriver, Driver Studio
Write a Windows Driver

Enable applications in the NT System to directly access the port function library

Visual assist
Vc6/. Net code automatically completes the plug-in

Vbfriend, identifier vb5, vb6mousewheel.rar
Make vb5/6 support scroll wheel and code sorting. In the. net era c #, there are not many people using VB6.

Run the following command to copy files in the ext2/3 partition:

Mathematica. V5.0, Matlab
Mathematical computing tools

Automatic Document generation tool for C ++ programs

Dev C ++
Gcc-based ide

Open-source library developed by Microsoft, including DLL thread insertion and input/output table Rewriting

Well-known C ++ Library

API monitoring

Thunder, multi-thread P2P download

After the virtual soft drive is set, an additional item "start from virtual soft drive" will be added during startup"

A lot of small functions, such as port scanning ,..

You can edit RM and rmvb.

A small and Fast Video Segmentation Software

16 edit, winhex
View and modify binary files

MATLAB plug-in for VFW cameras

Flying Snow table calendar v1.95 green installation-free version

View system startup information, sys ,...

Create and view ISO files

VMWare, virtual PC, Bachs
Virtual Machine Software

Password Viewer
View asterisks and passwords

Loadlin, rawrite
Start Linux from DOS and write Linux to a floppy disk

Mini recording software

Cajviewer 6.0.msi
Reader of Chinese Journal Papers

C ++ win library written by Hou Jie

Similar to the mfc gui Library

MP3 splitting Software

A visual, matrix function library

Ulead videostudio 10
Multiple videos can be displayed simultaneously.

A network programming function library is too complicated.

Programming IDE environment

Good Database

Sourcenavigator, similar to visual asist? (Never used)

Ruby-1, 1.8.4
Recently popular scripting languages

View the software by using the OpenGL (not found)

Numbench. boundschecker. Visual. c ++. Edition. v6.5
Vc6.0 Memory leakage check software

A set of command line tools

The medical image processing function library developed by the Chinese Emy of Sciences is similar to VTK ,..

Some good software

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