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From the first packageProgramUp to now, we have also made dozens of installation packages, and helped many of our friends solve their problems.

The problems in the installation package process have also been guided by many friends in the installation package. I am not an exception because I am suffering from a good teacher.

I have read more and want to talk about my own ideas about packaging. I have enlarged it and can also provide some reference for programming. Welcome

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1. How to get started? Installshield is very difficult, with few materials, no Chinese version, and few colleagues working on Installation packages. Many new users

Enter the Q group. The first sentence is: You guys, I want to package an installer. I want to automatically install MySQL and initialize the database,

Write the configuration file and start a service automatically after installation. However, I have no idea about InstallShield.

Click it? For such students, I am generally: Oh, sorry, no one can teach you. Yes, if the packaging complexity

The complex procedures for this package are divided into I, II, III, IV, V, from low to high, around III to IV. Not getting started with a basic connection operation

Newbie, how do you make such a complicated installation package? Even if I put the function in front of you, will you use it? So what should we do? From

Let's start with a simple example and draw a picture from the gourd tree to create an installation with no script, no beautifying interface, and only installing basic files.

Package. If the test passes, OK. Congratulations! You are getting started. Now you can learn the script.
There are many basic tutorials online, and I have also written one. You can refer
2. How to debug it? A problem is a headache. Some problems can be seen at a Glance. Some problems are caused by a variety of errors.

. It is a good way to press F5 to enter the debugging mode for single-step debugging. If you are a little lazy, you can add the following in the case of suspected errors.

MessageBox to output some information. If it is a complicated problem, it is recommended to create a new project and compile it once with a few conditions,

Let's see what the problem is.
Yesterday I encountered a case where a student posted a picture saying that the dialog box pops up when I unmount the file. If I click "no", I will not respond. I asked what happened to us.

First, I asked: was it uninstalled from the control panel?
A: No. It is the perfect uninstall according to your tutorial. I suspect there is a problem with the perfect Uninstall.
I said: the perfect uninstall only re-calls setup.exe. Please do not use the perfect uninstall first, please run your

A: I want to uninstall the shortcut.
I suddenly faint: Are you looking for an error?
When I run the setup.exe command, it tells me that the phenomenon is the same as that in the previous example.
Q: Have you moved onmaintuibefore?
A: Yes.
This is a typical superposition problem: 1. He cannot ensure that the perfect uninstallation he has learned to write is correct; 2. The software cannot be detached.

So 1. Avoid the perfect uninstallation and call out the uninstallation interface directly. 2. Check that the uninstallation process has a problem and the problem will be located soon.


3. Be an ethical package. No one wants to install the software they want to use, but the software secretly tampered with you during the installation process.

Install some other software, forcibly open the Web page or start the program after installation. Although some people often ask me how to install

Start the software at the end of installation, but I also want to say: Please be an ethical package. At least, you need an interface for users to select

Select: Do you want to start the software.

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