Some Ideas about Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer

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Some Ideas about Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer

First, let me talk about my views on IE:

The first feeling is stubborn, isolated and Maverick. (It is always different from others. It is a nightmare for beginners)

The second feeling is personality (each version requires you to adapt to her with different code)



Although IE has now been upgraded to 11 compared with IE8 and IE7 in the past, many css3 animations have been improved,However, the computers of most customers seem to have never been upgraded to IE7 IE8 (no surprise, no fun ...... Amount !!!)


In the past, because my computer used the IE11 360 compatibility mode to enable IE9 by default, I generally do not have to be compatible with IE9 or above. I am happy to send the page link to the customer, wait for the customer to send me an OK message, and the task is complete! And so on.

The page style is messy, float everywhere, and the background images of various styles are lost. In an instant, I began to doubt my own life. While the customer was not angry, He hurriedly explained the browser used by the customer? What mode? Version Number? And so on. The other one says IE8 !!

Instant crash, start to query questions about IE7 and IE8 on the Internet



What is the padding? What is the width? What is the floating problem? The background image?

My answer is as follows:

The padding uses the hack method to add a specific browser identifier.


IE6 recognition *,_


IE7 recognition * + simultaneous writing only works. Only Writing separately + or * does not work.


IE8 recognition *, \ 9, \ 0


Only IE8 recognition \ 0/


Ie9 only recognizes: \ 9



Width problem: Add hack to modify width = original width-internal margin. For example, if your Google width is 200px, the internal margin is 10px. The ie width should be 200px-20px = 180px.

Floating problem: I only encountered this problem once. The result of the two left-floating display changes to both right-floating and not the same row. My solution is to use absolute positioning.

Parent-level elements give a relative positioning position: relative floating element to an absolute positioning position: absolute parent-level element to a height


And the background image: see the picture.

Note the format with spaces! Space! Space! This is a pitfall of IE.

See this for details










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