Some Ideas about server sharing in Enterprises

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During an internship in a companyOne phenomenon: EnterprisesThe team has a variety of different server resourcesThese servers are often used in a specific manner, with low resource utilization. In addition,In teamDevAndQeThere are some repetitive work.

1. application scenarios

Used within an enterpriseTeam collaborationTo manage various Server resources, improve server utilization, maximize resource sharing, and reduce repetitive work.

2. Some Ideas

  • admin server console provides two access subsystems: User System , user system, used by group members to query resource information, execute remote commands, and receive result information. Administrator System , Administrator System for Team Leader use, manage Team various Server resources: release, update, and remove.
  • admin server console different server machine agent proxy communication , agent agent is installed in different server machine .
  • admin server console send a message command in a certain format to the corresponding agent , agent resolution command, where the call is located server machine to complete the specified operation.
  • Various controlled server machinesAcceptAgentTo perform the following operations: UpdateServer machineVarious resource statuses, including installation, upgrade, and uninstallationProduct, set, run, clean up the test environment, and return the execution resultAgent.
  • After the agent completes the specified commandAdmin Server ConsoleSend a reply: Resource Status, execution status, test results, etc.
  • agent it should be capable of self-learning, for example, when server machine after executing some tasks, need to learn and update server machine resource information, learn load conditions and perform real-time processing / emergency response, reported to admin server console .
  • After the task is completed, you need to learn and update it.Server machineTo learn the load and make real-time processing./Emergency Handling, reportAdmin Server Console.
3. Application Example
  • For management personnelAdministrator SystemPublish and manage server resource information.
  • For testers, pass User System Browse all current Server machine (Can be very rich, such Server machine Basic information, status, port information, and deployed Product Build Version, installed OS , Application Server , Database To check whether a test environment is suitable for you. If yes, select an existing environment or assume one Server machine After the environment is deployed, run the test script remotely. After the script is executed, the test result is sent to the tester himself.
  • for developers, you can also use User System query each server machine test environment, and perform your own work. For example, the tester found that bug , developers can require them to keep the existing environment as much as possible when fix bug after , components deployment, use an existing environment to quickly perform unit tests.

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