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WriteProgramAfter a long time, I obviously found that my ability to express and communicate has declined. Of course, I was not very prominent in the past ......

The night before, in order to teach dad how to adjust the sound of the player correctly, I spent a lot of effort. Of course, it was done in the end, but I think from this little thing, when we communicate with our implementers and customer technical staff, why not, when the content of our communication cannot reach the level that both parties understand, the communication will become extremely difficult, which will aggravate our own anxiety and make the other Party confused, in fact, it may be a simple operation. If we cannot express what the other party can understand, even if we say one night, the other party will be confused ......

So how can we minimize the cost of communication? I will summarize my personal ideas here:


(1) quickly and accurately understand the real situation of things: find out what happened to the other party by contacting the most direct personnel and combining the feedback from the text records? What are the causes, consequences, and specific appearances of an event?

(2) Based on the characteristics of the incident, clarify the operation conditions and steps under normal circumstances. We must master the correct situation before we can speculate and investigate the problem.

(3) perform real-time debugging with the other party according to the correct steps: the key point is to ensure that each step is sufficiently detailed and operable, and conduct on-site trials in the correct operation order, pay attention to your own language.

(4) troubleshoot the problem and find the crux of the problem: Generally, the above three steps can solve the problem. If the problem persists, we must note that we are in the real-time debugging process, the real-time feedback from the other party does not eliminate ambiguity in the previous feedback. In general, we can find some special problem presentations, which is often the key to solving the problem.

(5) perform local environment replication, try to reproduce the problem, and find a solution to the problem: if the problem is strange, we generally take such measures, the only troublesome problem is to copy an environment that can reproduce the problem ......, For general problems, it is easier to reproduce.

The above points can be used as both a solution for handling the help of daily friends and a solution for actual product feedback. The most important thing is to troubleshoot the problems according to certain rules and orders, analyze the communication details to solve the problem.



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