Some ideas of system learning PHP

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As a new phper, eager to improve their coding level, there are few experts on the market to give new fingers to point out a relatively reliable way.

First of all, in the face of PHP many chaotic functions, in the end how to clarify the relationship between the people, after a period of thinking, I came up with a learning path for your reference.

PHP as a scripting language, the most basic is the curd of data, probably involves one: SQL operations of the database, second, PHP connection to MySQL operation;

These are very simple, look at the dome and manuals are done, and then, carefully think, in fact, the PHP processing is nothing more than the data from the database to be processed according to business requirements,

Before we talk about PHP for data processing, we have to talk about PHP data types.

PHP data types are divided into eight categories; sexy stuff.

I. Shaping and floating-point type, Boolean, String; (Basic type)

Two, arrays and objects; (mixed type)

Three. Null and resource type; (special type)

Here is a comparison of JS six types of the best milk

I. Numeric, Boolean, string;

two null and undefined;

Three. Object;

Why do you want to talk about PHP data types here? Because I found that in everyday operations, understanding the data types plays a key role in clearing PHP's many functions. I don't want to think about these things at first,

Unfortunately, there are no courses available on the market to provide ideas to analyze the PHP Manual of the many functions are how to classify the idea;

Needless to say, according to the PHP data type, we can divide the function into the following categories:

Common logic functions:

I. functions for string manipulation;

Two. Functions for array manipulation;

Commonly used file manipulation functions

Three. Functions for file upload operations;

Four. Cookies and session

Five. FILE-related functions and classes that automatically create files;

OOP encapsulation of common classes

Six. operation of GD Library;

The naming of PHP is relatively confusing, but most of it is the corresponding module name + function. Unfortunately, English is too slag, see not very understand;

Other functions are written in a messy, possibly obsolete function, and this is not a drill-down.

Understanding the classification of functions can help save time, avoid falling into PHP's library of the deep hole inside, and then see, our daily exercise is nothing more than the data display and storage to do the corresponding operation,

Data are stored in the data table, the data in the database is taken out, usually in the form of a two-dimensional array, the most is to use the traversal of multidimensional arrays, here you can compare the use for and foreach the difference between the way;

Data is traversed, sometimes to output strings, such as thinkphp in the implementation of the paging class, the background through the logical processing after the generation of a large string of strings, inserted into the foreground template;

At the time of programming is the flow of data for the use of PHP language control and logic processing, the general debugging is to follow this process to debug accordingly.

The other is the design of the database, understanding some of the ideas in ORM.

Some ideas of system learning PHP

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