Some insights on Java --- the bottom layer developer's learning experience, java ---

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Some insights on Java --- the bottom layer developer's learning experience, java ---

In the past few years, I have been engaged in C, C ++, and I have always wanted to know more about the upper layer. So I used my spare time to read something about Java and used some architectures to build some simple programs. I would like to briefly talk about my own insights here.

1. Java is really very convenient. I have become a habit of writing programs in the text editor by relying on documents. It is too convenient to switch to the Java integration environment. Even if the document is not used, the information automatically prompted can solve common problems. After writing the code, I feel like the cloud is running smoothly.

2. Many Java libraries, most of which are open-source. The only thing that can be done is unexpected. Basically, all the things used have been implemented by someone. All we need is correct calls and combinations. Unlike most of the underlying content, we need to implement them by ourselves. This saves a lot of energy and avoids wasting more energy and time on some common implementations.

3. The configuration of Java-related development environments is gradually complicated, and the dependencies of various packages are sometimes prone to problems. When there are more libraries and more references, the configuration complexity increases significantly, and the dependency between packages increases. The introduction of maven can solve some package dependencies, but I have to admit that the entire development environment is becoming more and more complex. This is also an inevitable development after many databases. In the future, it may be better to manage these packages and libraries in a unified manner.

4. Development at the upper layer is different from development at the bottom layer. At the bottom layer of development, we have accumulated a deep understanding of the underlying details, a specific implementation of various functions, and a deep understanding of all aspects of the computer. The upper layer is different. The upper layer accumulates more such things as design patterns, architectures, models, and object-oriented. Of course, it also enhances its familiarity with the various APIs required for development.

Therefore, for myself, if I want to learn things at the upper layer, such as the design patterns, architectures, and models, what needs to be filled in most is a familiarity with upper-layer API development. Only when you are familiar with these Apis can you be confident in the development process, rather than temporarily reading various documents. The best way to get familiar with APIS is to write more small programs and actually use these Apis. At the same time, you can combine the API documentation to get an impression on the whole, at least we should be able to know what is and what is not.

PS: for upper-Layer Development, I am a beginner and have no experience. You are welcome to discuss it together.

The composition of a sentiment in life

Some people say that life is a tragic scene, a fireworks ......
Are you taking a sincere life? The humble gentlemen who are full of confidence will not trust you, or even laugh at you too silly, too speechless, too far from the city. It cannot be too dishonest. Otherwise, if you are not a villain, you will suffer from depression.

My understanding of learning

A report from Tsinghua students: teaches you how to deal with high school students
Dear colleagues:

Today, I am very honored to be here to give you a report on high school learning. Here I will combine what I have seen in my three years of high school and three years of college, through some examples, we will explain some problems we will encounter in high school and their solutions. I hope that you will learn from my report to avoid detours, set your own goals, strengthen your confidence, and finally enter the ideal university.

How can we determine our goals and establish our ideals?

The number of students admitted to key universities is 600 or 700 every year. Therefore, one year later, you may enter a first-class key university or a first-class famous university. When I was in my freshman year, I had such a confusion: My goal was to take a good university, but why do we have to take this path? * ** The answer is "for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation". Many parents say "for the sake of the glory of the Chinese nation, zheng yuanjie, a writer, said: "I graduated from elementary school and became a writer." Bill Gates said, "dropping out of college can also be the richest man in the world." after three years of training in Tsinghua, my answer now is "this road to study is a shortcut to success ".

Here I will give you a few examples to prove this point: Liu zihong, a senior member of the Tsinghua Electronics Department, has been studying it for a year. he won the first prize in last year's National College Students' Challenge Cup technology competition. His patent "the human body biosensing chip was bought by a company for 3 million yuan. Let's take a look. A senior undergraduate is already worth millions of yuan. There are many such examples in Tsinghua.

Deng Xiaoping said: "Science and technology are the first productive forces." Good news. I will give you an example of the red laser pen we have all played, I saw in the market a few days ago that the lowest price was 3 yuan. We are a project made by information optoelectronics, "Green Light semiconductor laser pen". Now we buy a $200 product in the United States. In fact, the cost is 10 RMB, but we have made it. If others do not, we can decide everything.

I read forbes Fortune magazine, where 100% of the richest people in mainland China who are under 35 years old are from science and technology. Speaking of this, liberal arts students may be a little unhappy. They all rely on science and engineering technologies. What should we do for liberal arts students? Don't worry, I have another example here: this student is a doctoral student of Zhu Xiaoji from Tsinghua University of Economics and Technology. He is now the vice president of China Merchants Bank and is only 29 years old this year. He has been promoted by President Zhu Xiaoji because he has solved the bad debts of China Construction Bank in a city in Hebei for more than a decade within a month. His reuse relies on his excellent professional knowledge and skills.

In many cases, they take the shortcut of studying, and it takes several years for them to reach the heights that may take decades for others to reach. Because first-class universities will give you comprehensive professional knowledge, will teach you how to quickly learn new knowledge, will give you a broad view of the world perspective. This is what I call "the road to study is a shortcut to success ". You will not spend too much energy on learning.

Now we should understand what we are trying to do today, and we should also firmly believe that we should strive to enter the first-class university. The question is what kind of university should we take?

Now, many of you may have no idea at all. You can indeed take a good job in college, but we must be aware of the gap between different universities. The study style, faculty strength, and scientific research funds of famous universities are not comparable to that of general key universities. It is too bad for you to have 30 universities in the country, so I hope everyone can set their own goals to a higher level.

The current achievements of all of you here are high and low. Maybe the first few of you want to aim for Tsinghua, Peking University, and HKUST. The latter may think that Hebei University is also good. In my opinion, students should at least set their goal at the level of Fudan University or Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Do not doubt my abilities. For example, I had more than 140 students in the first year of my first year of high school, and I had already reached 200. But I always think that I will definitely enter Tsinghua in the future and make unremitting efforts to this goal. Many of my students now have such experiences. Belief is a wonderful thing. When you identify yourself as a level of Tsinghua, like ...... the rest>

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