Some issues that the project manager should pay attention

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  • Before taking over a project, the project manager must first clarify the requirements:What to do and what to achieve,Then consider the resource issue.

  • When preparing a plan, it is best to involve the project backbone. The key tasks required to complete the project should be listed first. The determination of these tasks can be consulted by the backbone engineers. Used to list key tasksWBS ( Work-Breakdown Structure)Method to break down the target.

  • Financial issues such as project budget, travel subsidies, and other project implementation funds should be clearly stated at the project startup stage. Financial and other related problems are suitable for immediate handling and time delay. Otherwise, it will take a lot of unnecessary effort in the future.

  • Hold a project kickoff meeting if necessary. If the project is important and involves a large number of departments and personnel, you can consider holding a project kick-off meeting to let everyone know about the project situation and general plan, so that the project stakeholders can be aware of it. They can also provide necessary help in a timely manner.


  • Regular MeetingIs the best way to enhance communication and improve team efficiency. Although this will delay some time, it will not cut the woodcutter by mistake.


  • If you are not satisfied with the Project Plan or stage results, considerDirect communication with usersInstead of sending an email or making a phone call. From the very beginning, pay attention to establishing a relationship with the customer, so that the customer feels that you attach importance to his opinions.


  • When the superior leadership (management) is dissatisfied with your work (such as progress), you should also interview and explain your project situation and work ideas, instead of sending an email or making a phone call, you will be done. The support of the management layer is necessary for the smooth development of your project.


  • Set upChange control processProcess project changes. Changes to user needs and scope of projects often occur. If there is no change control process, it will be passive or even uncontrollable.

  • Do not allow customers to participate in the project construction process too deeply. The customer's excessive participation will affect the morale of the project team. They generally do not want too many outsiders to participate. Pay attention to the degree of customer participation. During requirement analysis, the customer's opinions and technical work such as system design and development should be fully taken into account, so that the customer should not be overly involved.


  • Select the most economical way to increase the skill and innovation level of the team.If the project progress permits or a certain skill can be obtained through short-term training, you should consider training the project team members. If the project is in a tight schedule or the required skills are difficult to complete at the moment, you can consider recruiting people with this skill.

  • Sometimes giving two people the same skill training can backup each other.

  • Sometimes some skills can be carried out only by people you are familiar with. You can communicate within the company and ask people from relevant departments who have the skills to lead the project team.


  • Pay attention to continuous productivity. Some projects fail after startup because they lack an effective support system. When the project progress is tight, it is a solution to ask the project team members to work overtime. However, if the project team members resist the operation, it will have adverse effects. The most critical issue is the good communication with the team members, attracting them to actively participate in the project. If a project team is well established, when you have not asked them to work overtime, they have already taken the initiative to work overtime.Do not increase productivity by opening empty check. This is because, once noticed by the team members, there will be adverse consequences.

  • When project team members (possibly from other departments) are not enthusiastic about the project or even unwilling to participate, they should be fully informed about the reasons they are worried about the project (such as workload evaluation ). This is more effective than directly seeking for superior leadership.


  • During the development process, when developing a phased plan, let the team members estimate the workload they need, and you will summarize it again. If the estimate margin of each person is large, the project cannot be completed in time, so we should carefully discuss with the team members why the estimated time is so long. Sometimes at the meeting, some team members will take the initiative to refine and reduce their estimation values when they see that the project manager is so careful and in-depth analysis.


  • Product quality should be understood as meeting or even exceeding users' expectations. To improve product quality, you need to communicate with end users (including potential) to understand their ideas. Users should be fully listened. Positively reflect users' ideas.


  • Promptly handle customer delays in payment. If the customer notifies you that the payment cannot be made in time, such a problem cannot be delayed and must be handled immediately. First, you cannot take it lightly. If you do not handle it in time, the customer will feel that you do not matter. The customer's late payment may be a signal that he is not satisfied with the results of the preliminary work, or he may not mean it. Take it seriously, learn the actual situation from the customer in a timely manner, and handle it in a timely manner.


  • Resolve conflicts between project interests and company interests. There are many projects in the company, and the priority of your project will change. Sometimes, other important projects may need to be drawn from your project team. The company's interests should be the most important and appropriate. If it is rejected, the management's satisfaction with the project will decrease, which is not conducive to future project development.

  • Handle conflicts based on factsProject Team members may sometimes conflict with each other due to technical issues, progress issues, or other problems. The project manager should handle the problem in a timely manner after understanding the problem, but it is not based on personal feeling or impulse, it is based on facts.


  • YesFully recognizes the performance of team membersTo improve morale, make the team members feel that they are worthy of their work performance when they are in the project team.


  • Do not ignore small issues. Some small problems may also affect the progress of the project, but they often have little impact and are not taken seriously. If you do not solve small problems, they will become serious problems. Personnel shortage may affect the project progress, which may not be obvious in the initial stage. Preparing more resources for future work will help you make up the progress. But remember,Adding a person does not necessarily speed up the process..


  • Deal with the competition and maintain good team communication. In a healthy Project Group, members have a clear understanding of their roles and functions in the project. Know what you should do. However, for a long time, this kind of understanding will be blurred and sometimes wrapper. The meeting should be held in time to clarify their respective responsibilities again. These division of labor issues should be described in the original project plan, but do not expect each Member to review the project plan on their own.


  • Formulate the relationship handling methods for project stakeholders (stakeholders. Dynamically handle the relationship with stakeholders in a timely manner based on the different responses of stakeholders (such as management, customer, and related technical department managers) to the project. Be good at using upper-layer support. For a long time, it is not a good way to ask others to cooperate with each other in a mandatory way. The better method is not to suppress it directly, but to let everyone know the upper layer's support for your project. In this way, your coordination will be smooth.


  • Build trust.The key to interpersonal relationships in each project is building trust. Two important aspects that need to be paid attention to when building trust are: truthful reporting and consistent words and deeds.


  • The customer is the final judge of the demand.When the project team fails to reach an agreement regarding the demand or function description, you can listen to the customer's opinions and decide from the customer's perspective.


  • Immediately deal with problems with reduced development quality.The decline in the quality of development is a signal of problems in the project team. It may be due to a decline in interest or fatigue. We should immediately analyze the problem and take immediate action to solve the problem and prevent a vicious circle.

Some issues that the project manager should pay attention

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