Some methods and advantages and disadvantages of preventing website content from being copied

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He made the following settings in sequence:

1. Right-click and Ctrl + A keys are disabled in js. The implementation method is as follows:

<Body onmouseup = "document. selection. empty () "oncontextmenu =" return false "onmousemove =" document. selection. empty () "oncopy =" document. selection. empty () "onselect =" document. selection. empty () ">

2. Use Table to truncate the character sequence.
Take a look at the actual method below, so that if you Copy the content directly to the notepad, the order will be messy.

Microsoft has announced a requirement
Your own and third-party software, total
To be compatible with Windows xp s
There are about 50 models.
P2 compatible software list, including Microsoft

I have seen other anti-Copy methods:

1. The window opened is a window without menus. In this case, right-click the window and you cannot view the source code directly on the current window page.

2. When Html data is displayed, a large number of white words are added. In this way, a large amount of junk information is added in the middle of the copy operation. For example, the following code:

<Font color = '# ffff'> aaaaaa </font> your <font color =' # ffff'> aaaaaa </font> content. These are your contents, but there will be problems with Copy.
It can indeed bring some trouble to the replication and collection, but if the collection is better, the white font can be replaced with regular expressions.

It is troublesome for you, and it is not conducive to search engine indexing.

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