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Generally, hackers need to find the IP address of the target. There are many ways to query others' IP addresses. They can be divided into four categories by search objects (I have defined them, but they are not accurate ): query the IP addresses of QQ users, the IP addresses in chat rooms, the IP addresses of any person, and the IP addresses of hosts with known domain names on the Internet. The following is an example of how to check others' IP addresses.

I. Check the IP addresses of QQ users

1. Query IP addresses through FolkOicq

FolkOicq is a program that can add IP addresses to display patches for QQ. The latest version is FolkQQ0530SE_B2. Failed to prevent future errors from being recovered ). Run QQ2000 and click an online user. You will find an IP address under the QQ number. Have you seen Yes! This is the IP address of the other party.

2. Query IP addresses through IpSniper

IpSniper is an IP address query tool for qq2000. It supports all OQ2000 versions and works properly in Win98 and Win2000 operating systems. When you run the IpSniper program for the first time, a dialog box is displayed asking you to set parameters in "Settings. Click "Settings", specify the Directory and file name of the QQ execution file, and click "OK.
The next time you run IpSniper, the main QQ program will be started directly. When you talk to a friend or stranger, IpSniper intercepts the IP address, port number, and QQ number of the caller in real time, and displays the geographic location of the caller.
3. Check the IP address through the firewall

QQ uses the UDP protocol to transmit information, while UDP is for the connectionless protocol. In order to ensure that the information arrives at the other party, the other party needs to send an authentication to notify the local machine, the other party has received the message, and the firewall (such as Skynet) has the UDP listening function. Therefore, we can use this authentication to view the IP address. Haha, it's not a waste of effort!

Now let's take a practical example to see how to use Skynet to check IP addresses.

Step 1: Enable the UDP listener of Skynet Firewall
Step 2: Send a message to him or her;

Step 3: view your QQ server address
Step 4: exclude the QQ server address and determine the IP address of the other party. How can this problem be solved? Too busy? You must know that Tencent's QQ version upgrade speed is faster than that of the rocket. The first two methods always have version restrictions. Using this method can be used once and for all! Net:
4. Check the IP address through NetXRay

NetXRay is a software developed by Cinco Networks for advanced grouping error detection. It has powerful functions. Using a powerful weapon to check the IP address of QQ is a little "Easy to use.

Step 1: Run NetXRay and select tools → Matrix from the menu

Step 2: select the IP tag that appears at the lower end.

Step 3: Right-click and Select Show Select Nodes from the pop-up menu.

Step 4: Open QQ and chat with the person you want to check. At the same time, observe the window. The IP connection between you and the person with the changed color at the moment when the data packet is sent. Look at the IP address at the other end of the data cable.
There are several ways to use NetXRay to check the IP addresses of QQ users. You can try the other methods by yourself. Netxray:

There are still many methods and tools for querying the IP addresses of QQ users. The methods described here are enough for your use. Actually, they cannot be used. It is easy to find some tools for this purpose.
2. Check the IP address in the chat room

1. Use IP Hunter

IP Hunter is a software developed by an exclusive swordsman. You can use IP Hunter to check IP addresses in a chat room as follows: in a chat room where textures and music are allowed, you can use HTML to send pictures and music to the other party, if you set the path of an image or music file to your own IP address, you only need to send the image or music file to the recipient even though the image or music file on this URL does not exist, the browser of the other party will automatically access your IP address. Different chat rooms may use different formats, but you only need to set the path to your IP address. The instance description is as follows:

For example, the format of "XXX chat room" is as follows:

Image sending: img src = "/UpLoadFiles/NewsPhoto/.29alove.jpg"
Music: img bgsound = "http: // mid"

The IP address of the other party is displayed in the IP Hunter's "IP address" column.

Limitation: This method is powerless if the other party disables all images and sounds in the browser. For a proxy server, this method can only find the IP address of the proxy used by the server, but cannot find its real IP address.

2. Use F_ip

F_ip is a network tool that allows you to check the local IP address and remote IP address. You can use this function only when you use F_ip to check IP addresses in chat rooms that support WEB. That is to say, you can paste images on your homepage in the chat room.

First, run f_ip. On the "http:" page, there are two html statements. Suppose the first one you see is img src =/UpLoadFiles/NewsPhoto/1.23a001.gif, if your chat room also uses this command map, you can directly use it to send this sentence to the person who wants to check the ip address, the recipient's ip address will be output in the text box within one minute. If your chat room does not support the img src =/UpLoadFiles/NewsPhoto/1.23a001.gif statement, use the statement used in the chat room, but remember to replace the address with your IP address.

3. Check the IP address using the information file in the chat room

Some Chat Room servers Store Users' Information, conversations, and IP addresses as a file, and most servers do not encrypt the file, you can access this file to obtain the IP address list. These files are usually called: online.txt when userdata.txt when message.txt?whoisonline.txt=or ip.txt. You just need to name the file in the browser to view everything ...... This method poses a great threat to the chat room, so we will not introduce the file search method here. Here we only propose an idea.
3. Check the IP address of any person

1. Actively check the IP address of the other party

The basic idea of querying an IP address of any person is: If you want to know the address of the other party, you only need to try to allow the other party to access its own IP address. Once the other party accesses the IP address, in this way, a SOCKET connection is established, so that we can easily capture the IP address of another user. Of course, he must be online.

Step 1: Apply for a redirection domain name, such as, and create a homepage on the Internet. (The homepage can be used to check IP addresses, no matter how simple it is );

Step 2: Go to the place where you apply for a domain name and transfer the link to your IP address when you want to check the IP address of another user;

Step 3: Open the software for querying IP addresses, such as IP Hunter;

Step 4: Tell the person you want to check the IP address and find a solution (whether it is sweet or beautiful... Let him go to your website and turn it to the domain name;

Step 5: When he enters the URL, the domain name will automatically point to your IP address, so you will be able to know his IP address;

Step 6: After you find the IP address, change it to the address of your website to hide it.

2. passively query the IP address of the other party

Today's Internet is really not quiet, and some people always scan it with a scanner. If you want to check the IP address of the person scanning your computer, you can use the following method.

One way is to use Skynet and use the default software rules. If someone scans your computer, you can see the IP address of the person who scanned you in the "log". You can also see the port on which he scanned your computer. As we have already discussed how to use Skynet to check the IP addresses of QQ users, we will not talk about it here.

Another method is to use hacker trap software, such as "pigtail" and "Deer Hunters". These software can trick the other party into opening some of your ports, let him mistakenly think that you are already in the Trojan. When he connects to your computer, his IP is recorded in these software. Taking "Pig Fast" as an example, the software has a very good function: "Custom password spoofing Port Settings", you can use it to customize to enable 10 ports for listening, not clear? Okay. Let's take your computer as an Ice Horse. Let's take a look at how the cute pig spoofs the other party and how to check the scanner's IP address! Click "Port Settings" and select "Custom Trojan spoofing Port Settings" to go to the "Trojan spoofing Port Settings" dialog box.

On the "Trojan spoofing Port Settings" Page, select "Port 1" with the mouse, and enter "port number" as the default port 7626 of the ice river Trojan. Do not fill in other options. Click "set" to exit. Okay, the Ice Horse spoofing port is set.

Now, go back to the main interface of "Pig Fast Run" and click "start monitoring". The "7626 port start monitoring" prompt appears in the work area, and spoofing begins ......

At this time, if a gray guest scans your computer, he will find that port 7626 of your computer is open, and the gray guest will naturally think that you are in the muma glacier. When he logs on to your computer with the glacier controller, the glacier will tell him that "the command has been sent." because you do not have a Trojan, the so-called Trojan is a fake Trojan you have set, therefore, he cannot proceed to the next step. No matter how many times he logs in, he will only see the "command sent", but the "xxx" is clearly displayed in the main window of "pig run. xxx. xxx. xxx tried to connect to your port 7626 and has started to cheat ". "Xxx. xxx" is the IP address of the other party. Once you know the IP address of the other party, you can do what you like.
4. Check IP addresses of hosts with known domain names on the Internet

1.use the windows network tool ping.exe

If you want to know the IP address of, you only need to enter the command "ping" in the DOS window to view the IP address.

2. Check with tools

Here we take network assassin II as an example.

Network assassin II is a Chinese Network Security Detection Software specially designed for security personnel by tianhang. It runs network assassin II and enters the main interface, select "IP <-> host name" under the "toolbox" menu. A dialog box is displayed, in the box under "Enter IP address or domain name", write the domain name of the other party (assume that the domain name of the other party is Click "convert to IP Address" and the IP address of the other party is displayed, is

Network assassin II:
The method for querying the Client IP address in the LAN is the same as above.

There are still many ways to check others' IP addresses. I hope you can discuss them and improve them together.


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