Some of the eclipse cool plugins you should be concerned about

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The Eclipse IDE from the nonprofit Eclipse Foundation is known for its plug-in ecosystem. The eclipse market has tons of plugins to download, and you can customize your eclipse with plugins.

I recently wandered through eclipse Marketplace to see if I could find something interesting. In fact, I did find something that is not very famous and cool in my opinion, and I would like to share it with you here.

Popular vs Cool

The plugins I focus on have the following features:

First of all, I want to emphasize that these plugins are not some kind of tool in themselves, so my favorite Jrebel and JBoss tools are not. I am focused on the ability to make the normal eclipse of your installation a more interesting and excellent plugin.

Second, popularity doesn't mean cool. In the eclipse market, the most popular plug-in list opportunities have barely changed in the last 2-3 years.

A plugin is thought to be cool just because it has been downloaded a lot, which in my opinion is not interesting. The plug-ins are listed just because they supplement the basic functionality that Eclipse does not have, which is why Maven, subversion, and Git plugins are among the top ones.

The Cool plugin shell helper in my eyes

Although I am a Java developer, I sometimes write a little shell script. Here are a few plug-ins that are useful for writing shells. The shelled plugin provides the ability to edit shell scripts, and the terminal plugin integrates the shell's output into the Eclipse Workbench.

With the shelled and terminal plugins, I can finish writing and running shell scripts in eclipse without having to switch back and forth between windows, which is really efficient!

Edit like the Boss!

Next on the list are more Clipboard, Smart Save and Anyedit. These plugins improve the editing experience to varying degrees.

More clipboard will record the most recent copy/cut to the Clipboard buffer, using the shortcut key pop-up alternative list can be quickly pasted. Well, I admit that I've been copying and pasting when I wrote the code:)

The Anyedit plugin was developed by Andrey Loskutov, which adds a lot of editing capabilities to eclipse. You can sort the file and the selected content, encrypt the HTML code, quickly convert between tabs and spaces, and so on. I'd say this is a must-have plugin for eclipse.

I started with IntelliJ idea, and the most important difference with eclipse is that the idea editor automatically saves changes. So I started looking for similar plugins that could be used on eclipse. Finally, I found the smart Save. It can be configured to automatically save changes after a certain time, very cool very convenient!

However, I think it will affect some editing experience. Because Eclipse opens the Save compilation option by default, each save will be cleaned and built (build). So in theory it could happen that you've just edited but eclipse will decide to do a complete build, which will get the entire eclipse stuck.

Dress up your eclipse!.

The next step is Eclipse Color Theme. This is the only plugin that appears on my list and in the most popular plugins list in the eclipse market. A different plugin provides a color theme for your eclipse editor, and comes with a lot of good-looking alternative themes.

I personally prefer roboticket, but there are many other options, such as the following Monokai.

Continuous feedback

If you are a fan of continuous feedback on development methods and are passionate about writing unit tests (which explains why unit testing is great), then the Jloop and Junitloop plugins must be helpful. The two plugins can execute code immediately after any change occurs. I found junitloop very friendly, and when I updated a method that had been performed with unit tests, the tests were automatically executed and quickly given feedback.

Automation fanatics

The pursuit of efficiency will allow you to step into the world of automation, but unfortunately Eclipse does not provide macro support by default and you cannot record and replay your activity at eclipse. Then, there are a few plugins that can automate your activities in eclipse through scripting.

The best solution is just groovymonkey plug-ins, but this plugin is not active maintenance. Other alternatives are scripteclipse and eclipsescript (please do not confuse the two plugins!) )。

Basically, the logic behind these implementations is very similar--the core engine provides the internal Eclipse object for the script, and you can implement the logic according to your own requirements through the script. These scripts are stored in the workspace (workspace) and can be accessed directly, and the plugin provides a script list menu for you to choose from.

Learn about Eclipse

The last plug-in introduced in this article is ide++, which will help you use eclipse more effectively.

ide++ will analyze your behavior and provide a quicker way to reach your goals. For example, if you close an open editor tab, ide++ will detect and pop up a nice dialog to prompt you "Hey geek, do you know ctrl+shift+w can close these tags more effectively?" "Unfortunately, this plugin does not focus on the Mac shortcut keys will be different:)

I really like the idea of the ide++ plugin-it can help you discover the efficiency bottlenecks in the eclipse process, so I really hope that this plugin will continue to develop.


If you are an eclipse user, the plug-ins mentioned earlier in this article should help you better understand the IDE and program it more efficiently under eclipse. I hope you can discover the excellence of these plugins as much as I do.

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Some of the eclipse cool plugins you should be concerned about

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