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jquery is a fast, concise JavaScript library that makes it easier for users to handle HTML documents, events, animations, and easily provide Ajax interaction for the site. It has a full documentation and a variety of applications that are detailed, as well as a number of mature plug-ins to choose from.

jquery is a script library, not a scripting framework. Libraries are not equal to frames, such as "system Assembly" is a class library, and " MVC" is a framework. jquery does not help us solve scripting reference management and functional management, which is what the scripting Framework does.

The script library can help us to complete the coding logic and realize the business function. Using jquery will greatly increase the efficiency of writing JavaScript code, making the code more elegant and robust. At the same time, the rich jquery plug-ins on the web also make our job "with jquery, drinking tea every day"-because we are already standing on the shoulders of giants.

1. Provides a powerful functional function

By using these functions, we can quickly complete a variety of functions and make our code extremely concise.

2. Troubleshoot browser compatibility issues

JavaScript scripts in different browser compatibility has always been a nightmare for web developers, often a page in IE run normally, under the red fox appeared inexplicable problems. Writing different scripts for different browsers is a painful thing to do. With jquery we're going to wake up from this nightmare, for example, the event object in jquery has been formatted to be used by all browsers, to get the event trigger based on an event, which is event.srcelements under IE and the FF and other standard browsers under the jquery is a unified event object that allows us to use to get event objects in all browsers.

3. Implementing a Rich UI

jquery can be implemented such as gradient pop-up, layer move and other animation effects, let us get a better user experience. As an example of a gradient effect, I used to write a gradient animation that could be compatible with IE and FF, using a lot of JavaScript code, and trying not to say that after writing it, there was not much help to forget it after a while. Another effort to develop similar functionality is needed. Using jquery today can help us quickly accomplish this type of application.

4. Correct the wrong scripting knowledge

This one is for me, because most developers have a false understanding of JavaScript. For example, in the page to write the action Dom execution of the statement, the HTML element or Document object directly add "onclick" attribute, do not know that onclick is actually an anonymous function, and so on. Technicians with these error scripting knowledge can also do all the development work, but such programs are not robust. For example, "write the action Dom at load time on the page", when the page code very small user load quickly without problems, when the page load slightly slower, the browser "terminate operation" error. JQuery offers a number of easy ways to help us solve these problems, Once you use jquery you will be correcting these errors-because we are all using the standard and correct jquery scripting Method!

The above is the entire content of this article, of course, this can not summarize the characteristics of jquery, there are many to be found.

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