Some of the issues encountered during the configuration of PHP

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The latest version of Eclipse has been downloaded and a PHP plugin has been added. In order to support multiple languages, it is decided to use UTF-8 encoding. However, in the process of development, found that the code automatically prompt Help information displayed is garbled, PHP source files and comments, are normal. On the internet to check a lot of information, there are set "general->workspace encoded", there is set "general->conent type->text encoded" ..., in short, find the various ways to try, are not good use.
Later inadvertently found to set the "Eclipse directory Eclipse.ini file", add "-dfile.encoding=utf-8" at the end of the file, and then restart Eclipse, found that the hint finally normal. The problem that has plagued such a long time has finally been solved.

When you install the Apache service, Port 80 is occupied by IIS, Windows 8,iis8, and the IIS service is stopped with Iisreset-stop, and if the SQL Server service is installed on the machine, SQL Server Reporting services ( MSSQLSERVER) This service stopped

"Downloads for 64-bit Apache"
Official online does not have 64 version, enthusiasts are based on the development of source code, thank you for their unpaid pay!
Saying free open source stuff is this bad, there is no guarantee of quality, you complain no door., you can download the Apache Win64 version here
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