Some of the problems encountered today

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Today, I continued the first two days of the task of grasping the package, just started to encounter the URL of the Chinese problem, I do not know how to solve, so asked the same group of senior, he told me that the Chinese code to change a bit, so I went to the text of the code to be changed, through the text Encoding converter online to change the text encoding The result is still not working.

So he told me to let him try it first.

Finally he finally solved, with PHP directly to the Chinese code to change

Php-r ' Echo urlencode (Iconv ("Utf-8", "GB2312", "Shanghai and Shenzhen Cities Week"));
And then I tried, the result is really OK, but I found that the actual access to the internal IP has changed is not the original I tried the one, but a new IP, and then I looked up the system of the architecture, found that the original is because I do not understand the architecture of the system, so it caused the inability to access, Because the system originally had 3 web front-end, and I just experimented with one of the Web front-end, so it can not be used.

Although the above has been caught by the actual page capture, but because the text encoding is another two-dimensional table encoding, so now the text is actually not able to use, and now also to find the decoding method, only in this way can be captured to the data analysis, ultimately solve the problem of demand.

Some of the problems encountered today

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