Some of the skills that a Mac novice should know

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Cmd=command, the Apple button on the keyboard


First, start shortcut keys

1.[C] CD Boot (press and hold on at startup)

2.[t] forced to start with FireWire hard drive mode of course, the premise is that there is a firewire haha ~

3.[OPT] Multiple System selection (press and hold when starting)

4.[shift] Secure Startup (press and hold on at startup) (Turn off all system feature extensions)

5.[cmd+opt+p+r] (press and hold at startup) clears the system parameter memory (similar to emptying the cache), and then PRAM after three beep (Midway system restarts 2 times). Use this method when there are strange problems with the system.

6.[the left mouse button] (press and hold on when starting) eject the CD in the computer

Two, the Finder shortcut key


[Cmd+shift+k] Network

[Cmd+shift+a] Application

[Cmd+shift+u] Utility

[Cmd+shift+n] current directory new folder

[Cmd+shift+q] logout (plus opt to skip the confirmation dialog box)

[Cmd+opt+d] Hides or displays the dock

[Cmd+opt+esc] Force exit Panic Program

[Cmd+delete] Throw the selected file to the Recycle Bin (that is, delete the file)

[Cmd+shift+delete] Empty the Recycle Bin (plus opt to skip the confirmation dialog box)

[Cmd+shift+3] screenshot (current screen)

[Cmd+shift+4] screenshot (free selection range)

-The above action plus the SPACEBAR to select the object to intercept

-The above operation is easy when you click CTRL to intercept the image to the clip

[Cmd+h] hides the current window or software

[cmd+ space] switch to use the language system

[Ctrl + spaces] Open the spotlight simple window

[ctrl+opt+ space] open Spotlight Detail window

[Ctrl + CD eject key] Shutdown window (can choose shutdown, restart, sleep)

Not commonly used:

[cmd+shift+l] Use Google search

[Cmd+shift+i] Go to idisk

[Cmd+shift+y] Make new notes

 Third, window shortcut keys

[Cmd+1] is displayed as an icon (most intuitive)

[Cmd+2] is displayed in columns (the most detailed right click Tab bar to select a variety of arrangements)

[Cmd+3] is displayed as a list (the most detailed look for things in this way)

Iv. Operational Skills

The people who come from win are accustomed to use a carriage return to open a file or folder, but to the Apple carriage return is only used to perform the rename operation, the shortcut key to open the file is selected after the file [Cmd+o]

Mac connected to the mobile hard drive without win under the security removal of the hardware option, just want to drag the icon of the mobile hard disk to the waste basket on the line, shortcut key is [cmd+e]

Safari browser's refresh key is [Cmd+r]

[Cmd+,] typically a preset window for software

Hold down the OPT drag item to copy

Hold down the CMD drag item to move

Press any letter key to select an image or folder that is named after the letter

Dock Tips

[cmd+] shows the location of the item on the hard disk

[Ctrl + click] (right arrow or mouse button to hold item down) (Show item function menu)

[cmd+opt+ Click] Startup Project hides other software 6. [Left mouse button] (Press and hold at startup) eject the CD in the computer

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