Some of the small problems and solutions that you will encounter when using Debian as a desktop system

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Over the years, there have been many releases of Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, Mint, CentOS and many other desktop environments, such as GNOME, KDE, LXDE, Xfce and so on, and it is undeniable that the process is getting started and familiar with Linux, but now has a lab server, With the VPS, there is no need to install a desktop Linux environment on their own PC, Windows 7 is the best workstation operating system, Linux is more suitable for deployment on the Server and embedded system using Xshell and other programs to remote access 。

Linux graphics System (X) as a modular plug-in program, so many years, and did not realize what it said customizable and portable, configured over XDMCP and XRDP remote Access Service side of the people have experience, Compatibility is not guaranteed between different distributions and desktop environments or even different versions of Remmina, X-manager. Operation interface, configuration method is also a variety of, encountered a problem, and then to check the man page, check Google, some are lucky to solve, and some can not solve. After a careful reflection, I realized that these operations are valuable for getting started, but for me it is a waste of time and it is not necessary to use them.

Send a few before using the English version of Debian as a desktop system encountered a small problem, do not know whether to save some time for others.

Install Chinese fonts

sudo Install Ttf-wqy-zenhei Ttf-wqy-microhei

"Add VPN" in "Network Connection" is gray

sudo Install Network-connection-pptp-gnome

Unable to save VPN password

sudo Install gnome-keyring

Add lock screen and open terminal shortcut keys to LXDE

VI ~/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml
<keyboard>    <!--Lock Screen -    <KeybindKey= "C-a-l">        <Actionname= "Execute">            <Command>Lxlock</Command>        </Action>    </Keybind>    <KeybindKey= "W-l">        <Actionname= "Execute">            <Command>Lxlock</Command>        </Action>    </Keybind>    <!--Start Terminal -    <KeybindKey= "C-a-t">        <Actionname= "Execute">            <Command>Lxterminal</Command>        </Action>    </Keybind>    <KeybindKey= "W-t">        <Actionname= "Execute">            <Command>Lxterminal</Command>        </Action>    </Keybind></keyboard>

Apt-get Tip "Warning: Some packages fail validation (Warning:the following packages cannot be authenticated)"

Generally in the ' aptitude ' implementation process by pressing ' CTRL + C ' cause, the solution is as follows

sudo apt-key updatesudo apt-get update

Konsole cannot use Yahei consolas Hybrid fonts

The reason is that the Qt library thinks that this font is not a equal width font


Write font names manually

Some of the small problems and solutions that you will encounter when using Debian as a desktop system

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