Some other sequential ID tables that index tens of millions of data in the month to quickly read a specified 1000 data records?

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Program language:Some random insights.

Program things (1): What must be done

Things language (2): Starter

Program things (3): Being a person, doing things, and living

Things (4): How did apple fall into Newton's head?

Program language (5): run your own program career

Things language (6): exploring what makes you different

Program story (7): Pre-growth of the Project Manager

Things (8): My heart

Things (9): interpreting your survival rules

Things (10) Watch for the peace of mind


Some daily experience:

One of Qiao Zhiyong's three major projects: Baotou sorghum Overlord

Qiao Zhiyong's three major projects: dredging the North-South tea Road

Three major projects of Qiao Zhiyong's life: huitong world and huitong world

March 25, an unforgettable day-Thoughts on ME expansion in Zhejiang University

2012 in the eyes of a Project Manager

A man's hero

What do women really want?

A story in life law-a fable of human nature that makes him convinced


UML notes:

Top 10 elements of RUP

Reading Notes again in UML User Guide Version 2 (1)

Key Points of UML modeling (1)

Common UML tools-NetBeans

Powerdesigner for common UML tools

Common UML tool 3-RSA

Power designer 15 generates SQL server 2005/2008 column comments

Column comment solution when powerdesigner reverse engineering generates PDM

Supplement to the column comment solution when powerdesigner reverse engineering generates PDM

Powerdesigner generates test data of date type, Chinese character type, and number type in batches


Web communication:
. Net collection serialization solution when calling web Service

Java and WCF interaction (1): Java client calls the WCF Service

Java and WCF interaction (2): the WCF client calls Java web service

Java and WCF interaction (I) supplement: Use WSImport to generate the Java client code of WSDL

Use SoapHeader to verify the validity of web service calls

New Realm of debugging



Windows Services:

C # create a Windows service series 1: Create a Windows service that can be installed, started, stopped, and uninstalled

C # create a Windows service series 2: demonstrate a periodically executed windows service)

C # create Windows service series 3-create a windows service with a controllable Interface)



How can Java be quickly compiled into C #? (1): similar methods

How can Java be quickly compiled into C #? (1): similar methods (2)

How can Java be quickly compiled into C #? (2): Data Access (1)

Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver 3.0

JDBC Driver For SQL2000/2005/2008

How to connect to SQL Server using windows integration in java

JSP paging code: sqlserver2005/2008

Install and supplement Apache Axis2 1.5.4 plug-ins in eclipse Environment

Java operations on some IM Resources

Java decompilation plug-in Jdclipse causes Eclipse 3.7.2 to crash

How to install Apache Axis2 1.6.1 In the indigo (Eclipse 3.7.2) Environment

Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.0 for SQL Server




Several ideas for deploying the MVC project on IIS6

Test Report on system performance when Reader is converted to Entity class

Use fckeditor in MVC Environment

Get the page title in a "cheap" Way

In webForm, WebRequest, WebClient, and WebBrowser can be used to obtain remote page source code.

Several AspNet File Upload controls (downmoon collection)

Basic configuration for writing log4net to SQL server

NPOI generates a native Excel file instance based on an Excel template

Assign a value to DropDownList on the page

Native Excel files are generated on the Web page when MyXls is exported to Excel

Share a plain version of the pop-up window like MSN/QQ (C #)

A strange error occurred while writing the sample log file to log4net (with source code download)

Introduction to logparserlizard, a powerful LogParser UI Tool

HttpCookie. HttpOnly VS Cookie. HttpOnly?

A complete solution for exporting DataSet to Excel (1) -- file generation on the client

A complete solution for exporting DataSet to Excel (2) -- file generation on the server

How to operate a record in the GridView

Group display of GridView

How does a GridView update batch data and a single record?

Button inversion event and NamingContainer (named container) in DataGrid/Gridview)

Use code to create a multi-link DataGrid and a checkbox Event Response

DataGrid application tips-column summation and column field conversion

Dynamically specify hyperlink columns for multiple parameters in the DataGrid

How to format a Money field in the GridView?


Use the Reflect example when converting from dataReader to Entity (resolving the OutOfRangeException error)

Use Markup Validation Service to verify the W3C standard syntax of the web page (c #)

ClickOnce release error: Cannot publish because a project failed to build

How to read the thumbnails in thumbs. db?

Learn more about the smart navigation (SmartNavigation) function of the aspx page



Client verification of multiple checkboxlists on a Page (. net1.1 and 2.0)

Jquery. Validate: Verify whether CheckBoxList, RadioButtonList, and DropDownList are selected.

A simple example of how the server obtains the table row data dynamically added by the client

Prototype Chinese parameter garbled Solution

No need to use ajax to refresh the control value of the parent page (ie/firefox) (downmoon original)

Causes and solutions for 'sys' is undefined in ajax for asp. net2.0

Substitution control added in. net2.0-dynamically update the part of the cache page (it can also be used for partial refresh)

Sample of three frameworks (aspnet/Jquery/ExtJs) of DropDownList + Ajax in provincial/municipal linkages



Share a paging control under Winform

A small tool for regular expressions -- myRegexHelper

Introduction to logparserlizard, a powerful LogParser UI Tool

Enter only numeric Textbox for demonstration

A Method for batch processing Arrays

Upload multiple files at a time, like google, QQ, and 163

An example of a dynamic menu

C # implement the effect of only one pop-up message after login like msn prompt

An enhancement class (downmoon) that generates verification characters or numbers (based on. net1.1) and call example

Adds an image effect to an automatic and dynamic playback class (downmoon ).

Obtain the content of a remote webpage.

Obtain the remote webpage content 2

A reversible DES and TripleDES Encryption Class



Returns the position of the last index in the number comparison set in a row.

If there are N balls with different numbers in the bag, is it possible to retrieve any two of the three balls without a serial number?

Simple Algorithm for Han Xin dianbing's Problem

In 1 ~ In the 500 Integers of 500, find the number of continuous addition equal to 500?

An array algorithm idea similar to the Yang Hui triangle

Solution to cattle and sheep grazing

A Method for batch processing Arrays



Statistical analysis:

Example 1 of parameter hypothesis test under 0-1 Population Distribution

Example 1 of parameter hypothesis test in the 0-1 Population Distribution (implemented by SPSS)

SPSS (| PASW) 18 Study Notes (1): Getting Started example-kayama case

One-Sample T-Test using SPSS)

One of the eight common non-parameter tests in SPSS: Chi-square

Eight common non-parameter tests in SPSS 2: Binomial Test

Eight common non-parameter tests in spss iii: Travel Test

Class 8 common non-parametric test in SPSS 4: Single Sample K-S Test




Enables daily automatic backup and repair of sourceSafe (applicable to vss6.0 and vss2005)

. Net reads Windows login user information

Three typical PHP development environments

An error solution for deploying mshtml assembly in Winform

C # Read the first Sheet in Excel

C # perform operations on some ecxel resources (collected by downmoon)

Download National Software Engineering Standards

Float operation precision in javascript

(StreamReader. ReadLine () = null) or (-1! = StreamReader. Peek ())?

. Net to operate some resources of MSN/IM/Messenger (downmoon collection)

Let MessageBox pop up in the center of the current form, instead of in the center of the screen


Installation and deployment:

Windows Install Clean Up-windows Install uninstall ultimate Blade

After windows server 2008 is shut down, automatic updates are installed and started repeatedly.

Installshield2010 web deployment and database installation examples

Diagram of SQL Server 2008 r2 Installation Process

InstallShield 2010 Integrated. net Framework 4 installation package Creation

Installation diagram of the official version of vs2010

Install and install the. net Framework installation package

After installing the Framework, how can I not restart the system?

Microsoft Visual Studio. NET 2003 Bootstrap plug-in (unofficial)

SQL Server 2012 RTM Installation notes

When creating a new project in visual studio 2010, the system prompts that a solution for the Project template cannot be found.

About online Prq files such as Ie8 \ Ie9 \ SQL Server 2008 R2 Native Client in Installshield



Access/MSSQL/Oracle/MySql to obtain the number of current user connections

An I/S/U/d SQL statement is automatically generated based on the table name for MSSQL2000/2005/2008

Application of table variables in SQLSERVER2000

Database Project requires local SQL 2005 instance Solution

Delete the malicious Script <script = "***. js"> </Script> In the text field of the MSSQL database

Solution for connecting SQL Server database files with VS2008

In MSSQL, how does one clear data in all tables?

CTE application in SQL2005/2008 -- recursive query

This article introduces SQLEntMan, an open-source tool for online SQL Server Management.

How to install SQLServer instead of SQLExpress

After VS2010 SP1 is installed, the SQL Server 2008 r2 smart sensing feature (intelliisense) becomes invalid.

Considerations behind an SQL server introductory question

How does Vs2010 connect to MDF data files when SQL Server 2005/2008 Express is not installed?

How does SQL Server clear the name history of the connected Server?

Why is the SMO backup database progress bar not displayed in SQL Server?

An example of simple XQuery Query

An example of DataRelation (Parent and Child tables in DataSet)

Solution to "error code 0xC0202009" when importing an Access file (. mdb) to SQL Server

How does SQL2008 compress log files?

Database Project requires local SQL 2005 instance Solution

NewID () with additional conditions

How do I clear the field remarks in sql2005?

Obtain the Stored Procedure content based on the SQL stored procedure name

Obtains the remarks of fields in SqlServer 2005.

Use triggers to automatically back up important table data in real time

Two more commonly used SQL statements related to SQL Server Fields

Difference between clustered index and non-clustered Index

How to compress log files and ntextl into varchar in SQL

Batch update of associated tables

Use an SQL statement to modify the default value of a field

Three common stored procedures (1 for generating 10 comment data; 2 for generating paging stored procedures; 3. retrieving stored procedure content based on the stored procedure name)

Top + variables in Stored Procedures

Introduction to front and back triggers

Table data (Table variables) and user-defined functions in SQL

Create Database for basic DDL statements

Use of wildcards, escape characters, and "[" in SQL

Basic Introduction to MySQL (1)

For a continuous ID table with tens of millions of data, how can we quickly read a specified 1000 data records?



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