Some people say that PHP is a spam language. We suggest learning Node. js, Python, and Java. What should I do?

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I am a beginner in PHP. I have bought a java manual and haven't started to read it yet. This statement has made me very excited. I really want to know the specific situation. I am a beginner in PHP. I have bought a java manual and haven't started to read it yet. This statement has made me very excited. I really want to know the specific situation. Reply: "Father, forgive them for they don't know what they're doing (saying)..."-Jesus, what did you learn from you? Is it related to others? Read the book. This is a nonsense. Do not tangle. Http:// Not to mention that php is easy to get started, because other languages need to call a web framework before writing, and the web framework will start a web server written in the corresponding language, you can control all the actions on this server.
Php is actually a web framework. It runs on an existing web server. Before you officially run your script, it will help you do a lot of things (such as processing get, post parameters)

For beginners, you don't need to know so much details. You put a PHP file in the folder and when you access the url corresponding to this file, php will automatically help you run this php script. So you can save a lot of work.

For websites, everything php provides is perfect (so many companies are using it). You don't need to consider the underlying things at all. Concentrate on the application layer.

When your programming experience reaches a certain level, you feel that you want to write a web server (Like apache), php cannot do it. At this time, nodejs, python, java can do this.

In addition to the backend and front-end websites, you have to learn js at this time. After learning js, you will find that nodejs can also be learned. Then you will find that nodejs is powerful, several lines of code can be used to implement a real-time application, which becomes a full-end engineer in minutes.

After so much effort, I suggest learning php first, a lot of programming skills, experience is all figured out, and then learning js, other languages interested, java is not too difficult, it is tedious to write. First, different languages have different features, and different application environments have their own advantages and disadvantages.
There are only suitable or inappropriate differences for a specific environment-performance, development efficiency, code quality control, compatibility, deployment, maintenance, Community technical support, framework, update and maintenance, and manpower cost and infrastructure requirements.
Summarizing a language with garbage is not only believing that this language is useless, which lacks the factual basis. Many performance-only commentators and people who use a certain language to raise their own values often say this.

My suggestions for the landlord:
1. PHP is a very popular language and is constantly improving. Although it is less efficient than several languages due to its characteristics, it has almost the lowest entry difficulty (but it is no more difficult than any language if you want to be proficient ), at the same time, it is difficult to deploy and maintain it. It has a large number of open-source projects, frameworks, and community support.

2. As a developer with pursuit, do not bind yourself to a language. Your title should be at least the last half of the sentence: On the basis of learning a good language, you will have a deeper understanding of Network/software development, and curiosity will make you unsatisfied with the status quo, learn more to broaden your horizons and make up for your shortcomings. But remember to keep everything solid, rather than show off to others. As a humble programmer, you must always remember that you are standing on the shoulders of giants, and your language is awesome.

This is a stimulus for you. You are too excited. Don't trust the advantages and disadvantages of his nonsense language. How can I use the word Spam? Facebook is written in PHP to tell the truth, this is caused by the history of php.

Is php a spam language? Of course not. wordpress, drupal, and eyeos are not top-level applications. When will the predicate of php begin?

In the php4.0 era, php has serious problems. It does not support object-oriented features and has poor performance. Likewise, because it does not support object-oriented features, many logic implementations are not elegantly written using code, the reason is that php's goal at the beginning was not as ambitious as that of java. It was just to make a subdivision in the web field and embed HTML statements and content updates. this makes php very easy to get started, but it also makes computer professionals not familiar with this language.
Here is an article about the history of php development

However, it is precisely because of the simplicity of php that it is easy to install and deploy. It only optimizes the web and becomes a specialized language. When the web becomes popular, php is also developing rapidly and becoming a strong web Language

When a language becomes popular, the development of this language will be very rapid. After php reaches 5.0, it is already a milestone, which is completely different from the previous one, however, php, which has a great reputation in the past, can be imagined to support the world's largest social networking website. It is already very well developed and its performance has been greatly improved, I have read a script language evaluation before. The php performance can belong to one or two in all scripts.

Many people criticize the php syntax. I think it is wise to be honest. The C syntax used by php is almost unchanged, and it is not bad. It is mainly because the naming rules of php system functions are inconsistent, there are other reasons, but this cannot prevent php from becoming a good language.

If you think php performance is not good enough, compile it with facebook's hithop and use C ++ extensions. As a professional language, php is very powerful. In addition, basically, the people who speak these things to the questioner are hearsay. The people who say these things in an instant are impetuous people. Rather than listening to others, they should learn from them in practice. Php design philosophy is inclusive. Various languages are exploding in development efficiency! They are panic because they are replaced by php and have no position in the company and are unemployed. Php efficiency is generally used for database efficiency, just like mysql. Do not impose others

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