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Similar questions are frequently asked in forums and QQ. Based on my personal situation, I will summarize my experiences.

This is motivation. If you do not love Java or computer, but games, entertainment, or others, you are not suitable for programmers.
When I was in high school with computer science, I was still using appleii, a green monitor. I did not include my computer learning team because of my average academic performance. I rely on my personal relationship. My roommate's uncle is in charge of the data center. In the third year of high school, there are only two people left. I forgot that I was admitted to a Sichuan University of Science and Technology.
I have not been admitted to the computer department in college, but I am basically the most familiar with the computer department. I went to many machine rooms. In the evening, I often don't go back to the dormitory, eat instant noodles, and have a few friends to get things together. They mainly compile and C languages, and play the game of Three Kingdoms 2 and monopoly 2.
After graduation, I spent five years in the chemical industry. I was really not interested. It was quite smooth after I switched to it.

Please note: I entered it at the age of 27. People who always say what to do should know how to do it! It's not too late to start now!

If you can sit in front of your computer for 4-5 hours, and you can read English documents to learn, you are at least passionate about programming and have the potential of programmers.

2. Learn to choose and learn what to use
There are many knowledge points on the programming road. What you can grasp is always a small part. New technologies keep emerging. Can you keep up with them? On the contrary, programming is relatively stable.
For beginners, go to the bookstore to find an entry-level book and read it at the fastest speed. It should not exceed 3 days. Remember, you don't need to understand it, because you don't understand it. You just need to have a general awareness of those things. Oh, it seems that there are several pages of this thing, it is very good to achieve this effect. Do not read the first chapter carefully. It is useless.
After reading it, find the part that you are most interested in. If you cannot understand the content, go to the other part and return immediately. After reading this part, start training immediately.
For experienced people, you can refer to his introduction for new knowledge, such as release note or some comments. Then, you can see if you have the right job to use. If not, stop the study. If the study can be used, read the document in depth. The method is the same as before and cannot be too detailed. After reading it, if you can use it, start the system and carefully read the upcoming sections.

Some netizens asked: How to choose an entry book?
My answer
Bookstore, search,

You can see a lot, just read it! Do not buy it !!!

The entry book is similar! Do not look at it too carefully.

Change one book to deepen your impression

Go home, practice on the computer, or find an electronic book!

Next day.

3. Technology is subject to business
Technology is used to solve problems, not to show off. When there is a conflict between technology and business, the business will always be the first.
Do not over-discuss with business personnel (Be careful not to argue) What is technology? What are the technical difficulties that cannot meet business needs.
Technicians can make things that they think are good, but they cannot sell them. The world is no longer in the Age of "good wine is not afraid of deep alleys. Unless you have a strong patented technology.

4. Recognize yourself
Not everyone can achieve cto, CEO, and there is little space at the top of the pyramid. Because the family environment is different from the individual's personality, the strengths of senior leadership are not in technology, but in communication and management. Maybe you don't agree, maybe you don't want to, but in fact, only by making more efforts can you approach the tower. Note that it is possible, not necessarily.

5 Summary
If you do not need knowledge, you will be gradually forgotten. How can you reply in the shortest time when you need it? Note. Blog is good. You can also write it in your notebook and write it in a Word file. In short, you can quickly find it.

6. Physical capital
I will not talk about it anymore. Everyone knows it. But it will unconsciously violate this line. Haha!

7. Correctly Understand the learning process
At the beginning, you just need to know what to do.
After some experience, you need to know, what else can you do?
After getting familiar with it, you should know why it is like this? What if this is not the case?
Proficient. Is this suitable? How to choose?

Beginner: Hands-on
MASTER: hands-on and brain-triggered
Familiar with: brains and hands-on
Proficient: Mobile brain

8. Learn how to find the correct answer
Search, ask, and check [commander-in-chief Amin]

  • Search first, firmly believeYou are definitely not the first person to encounter this problem.
    First go to Google/Baidu to search and select keywords
  • Ask questions in a forum or group
  • Learn how to accumulate at ordinary times and look around. There are often unexpected gains. You can easily solve the problem n months ago.
  • Your problem must have been considered by you. Do not directly require all the code and answers. At least I despise them. No one will spend so much time providing a complete set of solutions. Even if you pay, you have to talk about the price, and do not do anything inappropriate.
    For example:
    I want to build a student status management system. Please provide ideas and detailed explanations. It is best to have the source code, which will be sent to 100.
    How can I learn java well? What should I learn?
    The teacher asked me to hand in my homework tomorrow. Which eldest brother gave me an answer?
    What should I do if a leader asks me to develop an inventory management software? Can you help me?

9 increase your practical experience
You have never done it, but you must think carefully.
You may have never done any decent project, at least you think so. In fact, the projects you have done seem small, but you can follow these goals to improve them.

  • Go to the target user to investigate and understand the real needs. Do not stay on the imagination.
  • Changed the standalone version to the multi-user version.
  • Version B/S is added for Version C/S, and vice versa.
  • Use a formal database instead of access
  • Improve your program until someone is willing to pay for your program (1 RMB), because it means that he is a really usable program that can meet the actual needs.
  • Let's look at other people's project code and a lot of open-source projects. Let's see how people solve the same problem.

10 learn to be a person first, learn to do things later
You may find that when talking about success, everyone seldom talks about "Doing Things", but is talking about "being a person ". Because we don't know how to be a human, we don't know how to do things, so we can embark on a life of inaction, or embark on a journey of UPS, downs, and hardships.

A netizen complained that the technical director was using old technologies and ideas to direct a project of tens of millions. He wanted to follow the rules, and he had a quarrel and conflict with the director. I was finally proposed by the Director. Please resign.

Below is my reply, a little mean.

I advise you to say, What qualifications do you have to quarrel with your direct superior ?????

1. If you have different opinions, you can raise them in private. Don't hit them in person. This doesn't help. If I am the boss, I will also fire you.
2. Technology is subject to business. If you are always right, why don't you become a boss yourself? Can you pull tens of millions of projects?
3. Since we cannot talk about it, we can leave without peace. I don't think you have any personal complaints. However, it seems that there is now.

I used to be the same as you. I thought it was right. What is the actual situation? Without us, the Earth is still transforming, and tens of millions of projects are still being implemented.

When you are a boss and your staff hit you every day, you will do the same. Most of the people in history are miserable.

Society is like this, and there is a gap between ideal and reality.

#### For part of the 10th entries, I have already explained ############################
There are many ways to solve the problem. It is best not to take the worst path. If you have more leaders, you will have an impulse.
If you pay more attention to communication at ordinary times, as said by netizens, you can often drink with the leaders and have a barbecue. The goal can be achieved and your feelings can be enhanced.

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