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1. Translation of multi-national languages

WORD2003 built-in "Information retrieval" function, you can translate words, short sentences or the whole article into another text, including English, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and so on. However, before use to install a good dictionary library, or can also connect to the Internet, through the online resources translation.

(1) First select the text to be translated, and then click the Word menu bar "Tools" → "Information retrieval."

(2) The right side of the interface will appear the "Information Retrieval" page. Select "Translate" in the "Search" column, and then choose "Translate" to "which language" in "translation", and the result will be displayed immediately. To quickly translate the next word, you can hold down the ALT key and then click the words.

2. Add annotation text to the picture

When you have a diagram in a file, you may need to add annotations (Caption) for illustration.

(1) Select the picture you want to add a description, right-click, and select "Caption" in the shortcut menu to open the Caption window.

(2) The user can select "formula", "table" or "chart" in the "label" column. Then enter the note text in the Caption field, and then click the OK button to finish.

(3) At this point, the annotation text will automatically appear below the picture. Note Text can be changed at any time, such as changing the font size, or deleting, and so on.

3, one version of multiple page display

Normally the next version can only display a page of files, but sometimes we want to get a general idea of the appearance of all the page files, the procedure is to use the mouse in the Word menu bar "file" → "Print Preview" to select the "multiple page display" feature, it is more cumbersome. Now, Word2003 can put the multiple Pages button on the toolbar to make it easier for users to display multi-page files at any time.

(1) Press "Preview print" icon First, or click "File" → "Print preview", Word will be in "preview" mode.

(2) Click the right mouse button on the toolbar and select "Commonly used". The "standard" toolbar appears in the next row of Word's menu bar. Then right-click on the toolbar and choose Customize to enter the custom settings state.

(3) Now, drag the multi-page button on the Print Preview toolbar onto the Standard toolbar. Close the Customize window, and then close preview mode.

(4) In the future, press the word "common" toolbar "multiple Pages" button, you can choose a page to show how many suites.

4. Add Bookmark

When we read a lengthy document, if we can't read it all at once, we often bookmark it so that we can read it again next time. When you add a bookmark with WORD2003, be aware that "bookmark name" cannot have spaces, such as "bookmark" should be changed to "Book_mark".

(1) Click the left mouse button where you want to add a bookmark, and then click "Insert" → "bookmark" On the Word menu bar. In the Bookmarks window, first enter the name in the book signature field and press the Add button.

(2) in the future, to find the bookmark record, also first click on the menu bar "Insert" → "bookmark", open the "Bookmark" window. When you select a bookmark name, pressing the "position" button will return to the last place you haven't read.

5. Make watermark

Often in the document to see "confidential documents" such a watermark, the production is actually very simple. Use Word2003 to do watermark, in addition to the use of text can also use image watermark, and can set the size, location and so on.

(1) Click "format" → "background" → "watermark" in Word menu bar. In the Watermark window, if you want to use text to do the background, select "Text watermark", and then in the "Text" column to choose the appropriate words, or another input text.

(2) Finally Press "OK", the watermark will appear behind the text.

6. Set up and down callout

First select the need to do superscript text, and then press the combination of key ctrl+shift+= can be text to superscript, press ctrl+= you can set the text to subscript, and then again back to the original state.

7, cancel the automatic numbering

Although the automatic numbering function in Word is strong, it often appears to be disordered. We can use the following method to quickly cancel the automatic numbering.

(1) When word for its automatic numbering, you just press the CTRL+Z key back to action, at this time the automatic number will disappear, and retype the number, the function will be banned;

(2) Select the tools → AutoCorrect options command, in the Open AutoCorrect dialog box, click the AutoFormat As You Type tab, and then deselect the AutoNumber list check box, and then click OK to finish.

8, remove Word header Horizontal

Open the Word document with the face eyebrow, and click the Formatting toolbar for the styles and formatting item. In the Pop-up Styles and Formatting dialog box, select Display as all styles. In the style item, select Header, and then click the Modify button. Then click on the "Format" button, the pop-up menu, select the "Border" command, pop-up "Borders and Shading" dialog box.

Select the Borders tab, and if you want to remove the dash, select None in the settings item, and if you want to change it, you can set it in line style, color, width, and so on, and apply it to the selected paragraph. For footer style settings, just go to the footer area setting, which is also very simple.

9. How do I remove blank lines in Word with find substitution?


1, enter "^l" in the "Find Content" column, enter "^p" in the "Replace with" column, then press "Replace All";

2, enter "^p^p" in the "Find What" column, enter "^p" in the "Find Content" column, also press "Replace All".

(L and P are both lowercase letters, do not enter quotes)

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