Some private Meta attributes of the mobile UC/QQ browser, ucmeta

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Some private Meta attributes of the mobile UC/QQ browser, ucmeta

<Meta name = "format-detection" content = "telephone = no"/>

Format detection prohibits the identification of numbers on our pages, and prevents the identification of numbers by phone. email = no prohibits the identification of mailboxes.

<Meta name = "apple-mobile-web-app-capble" content = "yes">

Open our page on safari and hide the menu in full screen

Some private Meta attributes of UC Browser

Set the screen direction to landscape screen or landscape Screen

<meta name="screen-orientation" content="portrait|landscape">

Set whether to enable full screen. yes indicates that the browser is forced to full screen.

<meta name="full-screen" content="yes">

Scroll bar not zoomed

<meta name="viewport" content="uc-fitscreen=no|yes"/>

After no is set, the user zoom and the standard browser zoom remain. After yes is set, the user zoom gold is placed into the image and text without the horizontal scroll bar.


<meta name="layoutmode" content="fitscreen|standard" />

The fitscreen mode simplifies page processing and is suitable for page reading to save traffic. The standard mode is the same as that of the standard browser. Once the layoutmode meta is set, the layout mode option provided by the browser will be invalid.

Night mode

<meta name="nightmode" content="enable|disable"/>

After the value of the "nightmode" is set to "disable", even if you use the browser's night mode, the page is still in Non-night mode.

Force Image Display

<meta name="imagemode" content="force"/>

To save traffic, UC browser provides the image-free mode for users. However, if images on the page are indispensable, such as the verification code, you must force the browser to display images. You can set the imagemode, the sub-page is not affected. Setting the image loading mode through META will apply to the entire page. If you want to set a single image, you can use this

Application Mode

<meta name="browsermode" content="application"/>

After the application mode is used, full screen is displayed on the page by default. Do not press the menu long, clean up, standard layout, and force image display.

Customized label description for QQ browser x5 Kernel

Set screen direction

<meta name="x5-orientation" content="portrait|landscape" />

Set full screen

<meta name="x5-fullscreen" content="true" />

Set Screen mode

<meta name="x5-page-mode" content="app" />

In actual use, the UC and QQ processes meta tags in full screen mode in a slightly different way: the difference lies in processing the system status bar, and UC directly overwrites the system status bar, QQ is still retained. From the perspective of native application scenarios and users, QQ's "pseudo full screen" is more friendly.

Speaking Nonsense: upgrading to the latest Android version, we found that the built-in browser has changed to the qq x5 browser kernel, instead of the default browser kernel. This change is worth noting. After all, the x5 browser kernel provides better support for HTML5 and Other Android default browsers with uneven quality. In addition to the current dominant position, more H5 scenarios may be expanded in the built-in browser. From this point of view, the number of market share of UC browser is at stake-if you classify the built-in browser as a QQ browser.

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