Some problems encountered during the installation of Ubuntu7.10 by vmware

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Article Title: several problems encountered during the installation of Ubuntu7.10 by vmware. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source.

1. The network will be stopped when the network is updated to 82%. We recommend that you unplug the network cable or set the network connection not to be connected in the vm.

2. Install vmtools
The hardware in the VMware Virtual Machine also requires some drivers to work properly. VMtools includes these drivers and setup tools. install these tools as follows:
Select the Install VMware Tools menu in the VM menu of VMware6.0. In this case, the virtual machine will generate a virtual optical drive to connect to Ubuntu;
Run the following command on the Ubuntu terminal:
$ Sudo mkdir/mnt/cdrom # create a mount directory for the optical drive
$ Sudo mount/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom # mount the/dev/cdrom directory (I .e., virtual optical drive) to the/mnt/cdrom directory.
$ Cd/mnt/cdrom # enter the/mnt/cdrom directory
Now we can see the installation package of VMware Tools in the virtual optical drive, which has the following two files:
We only use for installation.
$ Cp VMwareTools-6.0.0-45731.tar.gz/home/fei # copy the installation package to my user directory/home/fei
$ Cd/home/fei
$ Tar xvfz VMwareTools-6.0.0-45731.tar.gz # unpack and generate the vmware-tools-distrib directory in the current directory
$ Cd vmware-tools-distrib # enter the vmware installation package directory
$ Sudo./ # execute the installation script file
After the script is executed, you will be prompted to select:
Installation path:/usr/bin by default
Select default
Finally, you will be prompted whether to configure VMtools now (select yes to call the/usr/bin/ Command for you immediately, you can also call this command later for configuration)
To uninstall VMtools, call the/usr/bin/ command.

Set VMtools
After the installation is complete, VMtools is not available yet, you must execute the configuration, if you do not execute the/usr/bin/ command in step 2, you can then execute the configuration yourself will prompt you:
Whether a is shared between the host and client
After selecting yes, we can share files between the host and the client. in linux, the shared directory is/mnt/hgfs/shared directory (shared is the name set by myself)
B. Let you select the screen resolution
Select an appropriate one.

3. the scroll wheel cannot be used.
Using VMware embedded Ubuntu in Windows, it is found that the mouse wheel function is unavailable. I found it online and said it was a problem with the xorg. conf configuration file. The modification process is as follows:
Sudo gedit/etc/X11/xorg. conf
Option "Protocol" "ps/2"
Option "Protocol" "IMPS/2"

4. No Internet access
Connects to the host in bridging mode and cannot access the Internet
After restarting, you can access the Internet.

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