Some problems needing attention in the process of choosing Linux VPS by Novice

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Today's new blog, the first article to share my more familiar with the Linux VPS host selection problem. As a domestic user, many webmasters have started from the original search for free host most of them have to start paying to buy the host's habit change, according to the requirements of the project, also from the virtual host to the need to use VPS and server requirements. The current project looks that we have very few in use Windows system architecture, gradually over to the Linux system project popularity more. Novice users, we choose the VPS, may consider the price, cost-effective.

That here, the author will give some advice to novice users, if you think that there is a bit of truth, then a praise.

First, price considerations

Many times we choose VPS, all need low price, such as even need dozens of yuan a year VPS server, your virtual host can not buy the price, may be dozens of yuan of the machine to us? If there is, of course, there is certainly, the price and service must be discounted. If we have a purchase, under certain conditions do not run, we should be satisfied with the service provided. If we ask for speed and cost-effective, how much do we spend? So, if we are doing a regular website project, from the price point of view, should be to buy a slightly more reliable price.

If it is used to buy VPS as a learning test, then we can try to be cheap, because we care about the short-term effect.

Second, consideration of service factors

VPS and virtual host is different, the former as long as to ensure that the hen normal, that VPS is our own toss, if there is a problem we ourselves directly in the background panel recharge system to solve, any technical problems need our own solution. The latter virtual host all the environment is given by the service provider, we can only create a website, if there are problems such as downtime is the service provider to solve, and not we to solve. If the VPS is often down or customer service can not solve, we may not choose, and we try to choose the monthly pay (especially for not familiar with the business), so even if the loss, that is, one months.

Third, basic performance requirements

When we choose, we need to consider the configuration requirements. Choose the parameters of memory, traffic, bandwidth, hard disk and so on according to our project. A penny a cent, if we choose low-priced, perhaps not enough to use us, perhaps the upgrade plan than other businesses to pay more than the cost. In general, we need to build a station, is required 512-1024MB memory needs, hard disk is recommended to have the best SSD, after all, SSD efficiency than ordinary hard drive higher. If we do have a traffic project, that traffic may also be our consideration, in the overseas or domestic VPS, traffic is relatively expensive, more than the traffic may be down or need to pay additional fees.

Iv. Basic Service Requirements

When we choose a business, we can look at the support of the after-sales service, such as whether to support refunds, some support 7 days or 30 days of refunds, if we use not satisfied with the refund, most of the evaluation site to give more limited information. We still need to test ourselves to get the situation we really need. Some machines have a limited version of the installation system, some do not have the version we need, and do not support self-service installation system, the need for TK installation, it is more troublesome.

Technical Framework Requirements

Technical architecture, generally have kvm\ovz\xen architecture, from the cost-effective, Kvm\xen ultra-sale Less, we need to build a better station. If it is toss, OVZ is cheaper. But the components supported by different architectures are different, for example, we need to build some tools that need to be based on some architecture.

Finally, at present the Linux VPS price is not very expensive, we can bear, but we novice webmaster all need to experience and have a certain technology to try.

PS: Recommend several of our daily more commonly used Linux VPS host

A-linode is a high-handsome overseas VPS, Japan, the United States and other 6 data centers, website address:

B-vultr, one of the world's largest game server providers, has been providing VPS services since 2014, website address:

C-digitalocean also belongs to the user volume and good cost-effective overseas VPS, suitable for building stations, website address:

D-Move the bricklayer VPS cost-effective cheap annual pay VPS,IT7 products, suitable for tossing and playing, website address:

Personal advice, in the selection of the site to choose the most expensive, such as cheap machines we can use to learn and for the project debugging, such as the use of a bricklayer VPS can be used to test and build tools, you can refer to the Chinese website of the introduction of the program and the scope of application.

Some problems needing attention in the process of choosing Linux VPS by Novice

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