Some problems of STRSTR function implemented by Java

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The implementation process in Java is as follows:

1  Public Static intStrstrChar[] CArray1,Char[] cArray2) {2     if(carray1!=NULL&& carray2!=NULL 3&&!carray1.equals ("") &&!carray2.equals ("")4&& carray1.length>=carray2.length) {5         intM=0;6          for(inti=0;i<=carray1.length-carray2.length;i++){7             if(carray1[i]==Carray2[m]) {8m++;9                 if(m==carray2.length) {Ten                     returnI-carray2.length+1; One                 } A                 Continue; -}Else{ -M=0; the             } -         } -     } -     return-1;  +}

This is a classmate interview C out of a question, require C implementation.

Java implementation issues:

The length property is not allowed. As the development of library functions, these properties are not allowed here.


The C language can be manipulated by pointers.

The string in C ends with ' + ' and moves the pointer to see what it refers to.

If CArray2 is empty first, or cArray2 and cArray1 are empty at the same time, it is included; if CArray1 is empty first, it is not included.


To implement a C-pointer-like function in Java, think of:

1, to capture the way the bounds of the anomaly as an array to end the judgment ...

2, add a symbol such as ' # ' to the end, as the end of the flag. But what if the array itself contains: Seemingly no solution.


In addition to these, the idea of Java implementation is as follows:

1, traverse cArray1;

2, set the variable m to record the cArray2 position.

The initial value is 0, then the bitwise comparison, and if there are unequal conditions, m resets to 0. CArray1 then traverses backwards, but cArray2 starts from the beginning.

3. Determine the conditions for success. M==carray2.length.


Also, the value of the char type is compared for equality, directly with "= =" because it is the underlying variable ....

Some problems of STRSTR function implemented by Java

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