Some properties of avaudiorecorder (Sound Recorder)

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1. Guide Frame

1. System Framework



2. header file

#import <AVFoundation/AVFoundation.h>

3. Compliance with agreements



Avaudiorecorder *_recoder; Recording


2. Recording


First parameter: The URL where the recording location is converted into a string

NSString *path = Nshomedirectory ();

Use a string of the current date as the file name

NSDate *date = [NSDate Date];

NSDateFormatter *formatter = [[NSDateFormatter alloc]init];

Formatter.dateformat = @ "YYYYMMDDHHMMSS";

NSString *datestr = [Formatter stringfromdate:date];

NSString *path1 = [path stringbyappendingpathcomponent:[nsstring stringwithformat:@ "/DOCUMENTS/%@.CAF", DateStr]];

NSLog (@ "path1 =%@", path1);

Path = [path stringbyappendingpathcomponent:@ "/DOCUMENTS/1.CAF"];

NSLog (@ "path =%@", path);

Nsurl *url = [Nsurl Fileurlwithpath:path];

Second parameter: Recording related settings

Nsmutabledictionary *dict = [[Nsmutabledictionary alloc]init];

1. Set the recording format: Avformatidkey

[Dict Setobject:[nsnumber NUMBERWITHINT:KAUDIOFORMATLINEARPCM] forkey:avformatidkey];

2. Set recording sample rate: Avsampleratekey 8000/44100/96000

[Dict Setobject:[nsnumber numberwithint:44100] forkey:avsampleratekey];

3. Set recording quality: Avencoderaudioqualitykey

[Dict Setobject:[nsnumber Numberwithint:avaudioqualitylow] forkey:avencoderaudioqualitykey];

4. Set the number of linear sample bits: Avlinearpcmbitdepthkey 8/16/24

[Dict Setobject:[nsnumber numberwithint:16] forkey:avlinearpcmbitdepthkey];

5. Recording Channel: Avnumberofchannelskey 1/2

[Dict Setobject:[nsnumber Numberwithint:2] forkey:avnumberofchannelskey];

Avaudiosession *session = [[Avaudiosession alloc]init];

[Session Setcategory:avaudiosessioncategoryrecord Error:nil];

[Session Setactive:yes Error:nil];

if (!_recoder) {

_recoder = [[Avaudiorecorder alloc]initwithurl:url settings:dict Error:nil];


_recoder.delegate = self;

if ([_recoder Preparetorecord]) {

[_recoder Record];



[_recoder pause];


[_recoder stop];

3. Agreement

Avaudiorecorderdelegate related

-(void) audiorecorderdidfinishrecording: (Avaudiorecorder *) Recorder successfully: (BOOL) flag{

NSLog (@ "Finish");


-(void) Audiorecorderencodeerrordidoccur: (Avaudiorecorder *) Recorder error: (Nserror *) error{

NSLog (@ "error:%@", error);


-(void) Audiorecorderbegininterruption: (Avaudiorecorder *) recorder{

NSLog (@ "System-level interrupt start");


-(void) Audiorecorderendinterruption: (Avaudiorecorder *) Recorder withoptions: (nsuinteger) flags{

NSLog (@ "system-level Interrupt End");

Decide if you want to resume recording/playback after the end of the interruption

if (flags = = Avaudiosessioninterruptionoptionshouldresume) {

[_recoder Record];


Resume recording or playback


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