Some property values for Android layout file Layout.xml

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First Class: property value True or FalseAndroid:layout_centerhrizontal Horizontal Center android:layout_centervertical Vertical Center Android:layout_centerinparent Android:layout_alignparentbottom snaps to the bottom edge of the parent element relative to the parent element Android:layout_alignparentleft snaps to the left edge of the parent element android:layout_ Alignparentright snaps to the right edge of the parent element Android:layout_alignparenttop snaps to the top edge of the parent element android:layout_alignwithparentifmissing If the corresponding sibling element is not found, the parent element is the reference Android:layout_alignparentstart the end position of the parent element begins Android:layout_ Alignparentend the end position of the parent element ends Android:animatelayoutchanges if the layout changes when there is an animation Android:clipchildren define whether the sub-layout must be within the restricted area of Android: Cliptopadding defines whether there is space between layouts Android:animationcache defines the sub-layout also has animation effects Android:alwaysdrawnwithcache defines whether the child layout applies the drawing cache for Android: Addstatesfromchildren defines whether the layout applies a sub-layout background android:splitmotionevents defines whether the layout passes the touch event to the sub-layout android: Focusableintouchmode defines whether the layout can be adjusted as a scrolling container by using touch to get to the focus android:isscrollcontainer the entire form of Android: Fadescrollbars scroll bar Auto-Hide Android:fitssystemwindows If you consider a system window (such as a status bar) when setting layout adjustments android:visibility Define whether the layout is visible on Android: Requiresfadingedge defines whether the edges fade when scrolling android:clickable define whether you can click Android:longclickable to define whether a long click Android:saveenabled settings are frozen in the windowWhen a node (such as a rotating screen) holds the View data android:filtertoucheswhenobscured the window is obscured by other visible windows, whether to filter the touch event Android:keepscreenon set the screen to solid android: Duplicateparentstate whether to get drawing status from the parent container (cursor, press inferior) android:soundeffectsenabled tap or touch whether there is a sound effect on Android: hapticfeedbackenabled Setting Tactile feedback   Class II: The attribute value must be the reference name of the id "@id/idname" Android:layout_alignbaseline the text of this element aligns with the parent element text Android:layout_below below an element Android:layout_above Android at the top of an element: Layout_toleftof on the left side of an element android:layout_torightof to the right of an element android:layout_tostartof this element starts with an element android:layout_ Toendof This element is aligned at the end of an element android:layout_aligntop the top edge of this element and the top edge of an element android:layout_alignleft the left edge of this element and the left edge of an element aligned to Android: Layout_alignbottom aligns the bottom edge of this element with the bottom edge of an element android:layout_alignright the right edge of this element and the right edge of an element android:layout_ Alignstart This element aligns with the beginning parent element Android:layout_alignend This element aligns with the end parent element android:ignoregravity The specified element is not affected by gravity Android: Layoutanimation define the layout when the animation android:id Add ID for layout easy to find Android:tag add tag for layout easy to find with similar android: Scrollbarthumbhorizontal sets the drawable of the horizontal scroll bar. Android:scrollbarthumbvertical set the drawableandroid:scrollbartrackhorizontal of the vertical scroll bar to set the color drawableandroid of the horizontal scrollbar background (track): Scrollbartrackvertical set the color of the vertical scrollbar background (track) Drawableandroid:scrollbaralwaysdrawhorizontaltrack set whether the horizontal scroll bar contains track Android: Scrollbaralwaysdrawverticaltrack sets whether the vertical scroll bar contains tracks Android:nextfocusleft settings left specifies the view to get the next focus on Android: Nextfocusright Setting the right side specifies that the view gets the next focus android:nextfocusup setting topSpecifies that the view gets the next focus android:nextfocusdown settings below the specified view to get the next focus Android:nextfocusforward setting specifies that the view gets the next focus android:contentdescription Description Android:onclick invoke the specified method from the context when clicked           Class III: Attribute values are specific pixel values, such as 30DIP,40PX,50DPAndroid:layout_width defines the width of this element android:layout_height defines the height of this element android:layout_margin the distance between the upper and lower left of this element android:layout_ MarginBottom the distance from the bottom edge of an element android:layout_marginleft the distance from the left edge of an element android:layout_marginright the distance from the right edge of an element android:layout_ MarginTop distance from the top edge of an element android:layout_marginstart the distance from the beginning of this element android:layout_marginend the distance from the end position of this element android: Scrollx Horizontal initial scrolling offset android:scrolly vertical initial scrolling offset android:background the background of this element android:padding specify the spacing between layout and sub-layout android: PADDINGLEFT Specifies the spacing between the left and the child layout of the layout android:paddingtop specifies the spacing between the top and child layouts of the layout android:paddingright specify the spacing between the layout right and the child layout android: PADDINGBOTTOM Specifies the spacing between the bottom of the layout and the sub-layout android:paddingstart the spacing between the left and child layouts of the specified layout is the same as Android:paddingleft Android: Paddingend specifies that the spacing to the right of the layout is the same as Android:paddingright android:fadingedgelength setting the length of the border gradient android:minheight minimum height android: MinWidth minimum width Android:translationx horizontal direction of movement distance android:translationy vertical movement distance Android: Transformpivotx deflection in the horizontal direction relative to a point android:transformpivoty in the vertical direction relative to a point class Fourth: Attribute values ask Android built-in valuesAndroid:gravity Control layout mode android:layout_gravity layout Android:persistentdrawingcachehua Define the drawing's cache persistence for Android: Descendantfocusability Control sub-layout focus get mode commonly used in ListView item contains multiple controls Click Invalid Android:scrollbars set scroll bar status Android: Scrollbarstyle set the style of the scroll bar android:fitssystemwindows set the layout adjustment when considering the system window (such as the status bar) Android: Scrollbarfadeduration sets the scrollbar fade time Android:scrollbardefaultdelaybeforefade sets the scrollbar to start fading after n milliseconds, in milliseconds. Android:scrollbarsize set the scroll size Android:fadingedge set the drop scroll bar, the border gradient is placed android:drawingcachequality the translucent mass when the drawing is set Android:o Verscrollmode slide to boundary when style Android:alpha set transparency android:rotation rotation degree Android:rotationx horizontal rotation degrees Android: RotationY Vertical Rotation degree Android:scalex setting X-axis scaling Android:scaley Setting the y-axis zoom android:verticalscrollbarposition The position of the vertical scroll bar android: Layertype setting supports android:layoutdirection defining the orientation of layout sheets android:textdirection defining text orientation android:textalignment text alignment android: Importantforaccessibility important lines for accessibility android:labelfor tagging

Some property values for Android layout file Layout.xml

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