Some questions about the analysis of Td-lte network MRO

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1, ENB antenna arrival angle (LTESCAOA) beyond the normal range

In the OMC-R measurement reporting technical requirements, this field is defined as:

"Defines the estimated angle of a user's relative reference direction. The measurement reference direction should be true north, counterclockwise. can assist to determine the location of the user, providing location services, accuracy of 5 degrees. This measurement data represents the number of samples that meet the range of criteria in the omc-r statistic period according to the Zonal statistical antenna arrival angle. Applicable to eNodeB with multiple antennas, the number of the day line is less than or equal to 2 o'clock, this measurement is nil. ”

and LTE room sub-site are single-day feed or two-day feed, according to technical requirements should be the value of nil, but from the MRO original file to see the value is actually 65496, too abnormal.

Conclusion: The present cause is unknown.

Some questions about the analysis of Td-lte network MRO

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