Some questions after reading

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I have seldom seen technical books written in the form of stories. This is the first book I have ever seen. It is interesting to write. After reading it, I also have some gains. The author cited in this book that although the referenced items cannot be correctly queried one by one, every time I read them, I feel that a modern software engineering is combined with the Chinese philosophy, or I feel that it is the essence of Chinese culture that can be embodied in software engineering.

1. at first, I thought it was really interesting to read this book, but later I thought it could attract readers, but some things could not be extended in detail, and some definitions were vague for beginners, I don't know whether such an expression is good or bad?

2. PM has many things to do in a project and is the pivot of the team. Although it is simple to look at the conversations between them, What should PM do in reality? How should we communicate with the team to form a whole?

3. What is agile development?

4. Comments are required for team development, But how should the comments be measured? Should we consider the understanding ability of the team members?

5. After reading, I cannot fully understand many knowledge points. Are there any good reading methods?

Some questions after reading

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